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  • Hi.

    I was working on my website last night and was able to login just fine. I didn’t have any login problems in the past.

    After I upgraded to the 2nd beta of wp3, it was fine since I haven’t logged out that time. But when I came back to my site this afternoon, I was asked for my password. I found out that I couldn’t login with whatever password I used in the past. I tried resetting it through automatic email. Then through PhpAdmin, then to FTP, then to the emergency.php. Emergency.php told me that my username is not the correct admin. So I was wondering if anyone else is having problems or have I been hacked? The frontpage of my blog remains the same. Other than not being able to login, there is no sign of it being hacked. Please help ^^;

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  • I was finally able to login. I changed my password through the PhpAdmin and then remove the cookies (which I did before as well). I was able to get login. I find myself still an admin. But I really dunno why it wasn’t working before nor why the emergency.php would say that my username is not an admin. I’m just glad I got in again ^^;;;

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