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    I am new to this and have just begun setting up a site – no backup – lesson learned!

    The install was ‘successful’ but it has wiped the slate clean of themes, installed plugins, media.


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  • If you don’t have backups, then you’ll need to set it all up again. Unfortunately there’s nothing else that can be done.

    You might want to contact your hosting comapny as they might have a backup of your stie that they can get for you. They also migh tnot but it’s definatly worth a try.

    Duly noted – but is this an expected outcome from a WordPress update, which wipes the database clean?

    Seriously? There has to be a real issue with this update …

    You didn’t say anything about an update before. And no, it’s not normal. I haven’t had any problems with the sites that I’ve updated so far (3, and moving on to another 20 or so soon).

    Have you checked your database to see what’s actually there? I’ve seen some times when the wp-config.php file has a hiccup and the database connection gets lost, but the tables are still there. As for the files for the themes and plugins, there’s no reason at all that they’d be deleted. That’s not part of any core update.


    Thank you for replying so fast! My toddler has just come home so I will need to take a break!!

    My title meant to imply that the upgrade happened – sorry if this was not clear.

    At this point, evidence points to the upgrade which seems to have purged the database.

    I will take a deeper dive later on.

    But yes, update and then I have a base WP install.

    Can you give me some tips about interrogating the d/base?

    Just look at the tables using a tool like phpmyadmin. Your hosting company should have that, or osmething very much like it, installed on your hosting control panel. You’ll very quickly see what is and isn’t there.

    Appreciated – definitely, the d/based has been baselined. At this point I am not sure whether this is a hostgaotor / WP issue. Looking at another forum topic

    It looks like all their posts have vanished.

    Regarding phpmyadmin, this just shows very few tables. What about where the themes / plugins are stored? Is there someway that I can look at all tables or an ERD document?

    I am currently online with Hostgator support to discuss.

    Do you have a recommendation for a backup routine that backsup all content / d/base content.

    Forgive these questions, I am just dumbfounded by what has just happened.

    In a standard WordPress installation there’s 11 DB tables. Some plugins and themes add more in, but normally you won’t see much more then 20 or 30 tables unless your site has some really heavy-duty data handling, or maybe a big e-commerce plugin.

    Themes and plugins are stored in the file system. Both in the /wp-content/ folder. If the files are gone, the themes and plugins will be too.

    As far as backups go, I know that Hostgator has a very good backup system, and should be able to restore your site back 7 days or a month. they’ve done that for me before, so it should still be the same now. If you don’t want to rely on them, there’s serveral backup plugins, and a few automatic backup services that are around, and you can always perform yoru own manual backups (of the files and the database) to make sure that you have a local copy at all times.


    File system for added plugins / themes wiped. Just baseline stuff.

    Again – this is not a huge issue for me as I am just beginning a project. But before I update other sites I think I will initiate the cloud backup from Hostgator on the other sites.

    Huge thanx Catacaustic …

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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