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  • I just installed and set up using the tutorials.
    I am creating a digital download with the example shown in your video.
    Payment did not go through to paypal.
    Product was not emailed. etc.
    Nothing happened.

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  • More info:
    Hosted at godaddy.
    No CDN.
    Tried disabling W3 Total Cache / No effect.
    I have my website’s home page as paypal IPN.
    No emails delivered at all.
    Product orders on site automatically go to trash.

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi, sorry to hear about your issue with our plugin.

    I have my website’s home page as paypal IPN.

    That is good. I am sure this part is set up correctly based on your note above.

    No emails delivered at all.

    Solution 1: Please check the following link How To Setup PayPal IPN. I know you have already set up this option correctly. But just double check to make sure it is set up correctly.

    Solution 2: Your payment might not be getting cleared automatically by PayPal. If this is the case then the plugin will not send emails for a payment where the fund is still in a “pending” state. You will need to contact PayPal and ask them to check your account and make sure that the funds are cleared automatically after a payment is made.

    Solution 3: You have a security or firewall type plugin (or a firewall settings in your server config) that is blocking the IPN message. Temporary deactivate these to test.

    After going through the 3 solutions above, enable the debug logging option in the simple cart plugin (you can do it from the settings menu). Then carry out a test transaction so you can see if the IPN message is getting to the plugin. The log file will contain info that indicates that the plugin is getting the IPN message and it is processing it. If the log file is empty then it still isn’t getting the IPN message. Some plugin/s or the server is still blocking it.

    If after going through all the steps above you are still having issues, try an SMTP plugin like the following one and send all your site’s email using SMTP:

    Note: Some servers have email sending issues (it is somewhat common). GoDaddy has a lot of restrictions. You might want to speak to GoDaddy support about this issue.

    Product orders on site automatically go to trash.

    A trashed order usually means the user didn’t complete the transaction. It may have happened due to one of the following reasons:

    1) The user went to the PayPal payment page but didn’t make the payment.
    2) The user made the payment but the plugin didn’t receive notification from PayPal

    Do you see a new transaction in your PayPal account which is in a pending state under “Cart Orders”? If not then the payment didn’t even go through.

    Let me know if the above helps you.

    Thank you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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