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  • I don’t have that either. Was it from a plugin?

    no it was just from upgrading the version of WP. This version sucks!

    WordPress core does not have any such button.

    Maybe that’s part of your theme? What theme are you using?

    I am using stylico. The button was right next to the edit permalink button. When I check my posts that I have sched for the week (that were created before I updated) it is there.

    How do then get the full permalink so I can shorten it or get a link before it is live?

    Ah okay, that one should be there – next to the permalink I have three buttons “Edit” “View Post” “Get Shortlink”

    Is that not there?

    Try clearing your browser cache or try another browser.

    If not there, try deactivating your plugins, to see if that changes it.

    I only have the edit button. I cleared cache and still nothing.

    try deactivating your plugins, to see if that changes it.

    If that doesn’t do it, leave them off and switch to a default theme to test it there.

    I have 23 plugins, I hate to do them all and mess everything up. Is there something that would interfere?

    I don’t know but that’s standard troubleshooting. But how big is your screen? Those buttons drop down when the screen is resized.

    Also, looks like your theme has not been updated in over a year – so maybe first try switching to a default theme to see if it’s a theme issue.

    I have a 15 macbook and I don’t have a dropdown menu to choose from. I tried a full screen view and nothing.

    As for my theme, I can’t get anyone to contact be back after three years of emailing. It hasn’t been updated once!

    I don’t know how to switch to a default theme and won;t that mess my site up?

    It’s not a drop down menu – but just that those button move below the permalink. In any case, they’d show up on a 15″ screen.

    Changing themes will change the look of your site, yes, but you can change back and your theme settings should be saved but with a 3 year old theme, you may have to reset some things (maybe not, but I’m not guaranteeing anything). To switch, just go to Appearance > Themes and find twentythirteen theme and click Activate.

    No updates in 3 years is quite likely a theme issue…

    too afraid, with my luck my site will explode. Thanks for your help

    What you might want to do – since you really should start looking at this theme compatibility issue sooner rather than later – is to make a copy of your site someplace else (maybe in a sub-directory install or on a local install) and start troubleshooting and changing to a currently supported theme. Otherwise you will likely have more problems and if you don’t stay current with WP, you’re getting into security risks. And that’s really no good :(. This way, you’ll have your existing site up and running until you’re ready to swap it out for the new on.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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