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  • foodrambler


    I don’t know what version of WordPress I’m actually using, as Just Host have locked me out of my control panel and suspended my website. The phone number on their website seems to be a dud and they are not replying to my email. This is the email I received 2 days ago:

    As you probably aware, here at Just Host we proactively monitor all our servers to ensure that our clients websites are loading as fast as possible at all times. During this routine monitoring we
    have found that your account is utilizing an excessive amount of system resources, and we have been forced to suspend your site as per our terms and conditions ‘10% CPU Policy’

    For your reference, here is a copy of your usage report:
    Top Process %CPU 33.0 /usr/bin/php /home/foodram1/public_html/index.php
    Top Process %CPU 35.0 /usr/bin/php /home/foodram1/public_html/index.php
    Top Process %CPU 31.9 httpd [] [/?feedatom]

    Just Host offer unlimited hosting space and unlimited bandwidth, but as per our terms we will suspend any website which exceeds our 10% CPU policy. We hope that you understand our position in
    ensuring that we provide the best possible service. In order to continue to provide this high quality service, you will need to upgrade to a dedicated server, which will give you an abundance of
    additional resources and speed up your website.

    As a loyal Just Host customer we have arranged for you to receive a special deal on a dedicated server with SingleHop, (our trusted dedicated partner) who will assist you with everything you need
    to make your switch a smooth transaction.

    Please visit this link to upgrade to a dedicated server:

    This ‘dedicated server’ charges $139 a month.

    Can someone please help me understand why my blog is taking up so much resource? I just want my blog back!

    Many thanks,

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  • Nnyan


    No way to know for sure with just the info that you gave. How many users do you have? Are you running anything other then the plain WordPress install? You have to provide more information. Run your website through: or

    They may help point you in the right direction. I also would think about getting another host, they should be willing to work with you at pin pointing what the problem is and give you access back to your website. Just IMHO but I would avoid any host that provides “unlimited” anything. There is just no such things so they will “adjust” the rules to make sure you can never use anything in an unlimited manner.



    I don’t think a plain installation of WordPress with a few hundred users to take 10% of the CPU resource. Is there any other scripts running with it? Also install Wp-Cache with it to reduce the server load.

    I’ve had the same problem with Just Host. I think it occurred after my upgrade to 2.8.2. Or with the install of a new plugin.

    The problem for me was the /wp-admin/index.php file, so I’m thinking it’s not the plug in (which is related to posts) but the install.

    Any ideas?

    I think you need to find a better hosting company!, and many other hosting companies offer unlimited hosting and bandwidth. They also will install the WordPress blog and many other software programs for you, INCLUDING UPGRADES!

    I hope you backed up your data. I would contact your host and tell them you are going to take your business someplace else. Maybe they might back off.

    Sounds like they want to try and suck some money out of you!

    This may be the problem… “This ‘dedicated server’ charges $139 a month.”
    lol! $$$

    same issue here. anyone managed to get their site back to be able to switch? this is a nightmare

    I’m assuming you’ve tried their number? has some info and the number 1-888-755-7585 seems to work, but yeah, any site that doesn’t answer the phone is lousy.

    Suggestions: NEVER go to a host who touts a lot of ‘unlimited’. It’s just … No. There is ALWAYS a limit no matter what.

    This suspension happened to me at 16:24 today. I raised a ticket immediately, was passed to a senior representative who had a look and offered to reinstate but on a different server. This took a couple of hours but Justhost did everything they could to remedy the situation and 4 hours later all was working.
    I’m not sure what caused it, and I don’t think they are, but they went out of their way to fix an automated glitch, which while not perfect is good service, and things like this sometimes happen.
    I think, without proof, that it was a series of conflicting plugins which caused a continual demand to be made on the database. One plugin, the random-image-widget was misbehaving just beforehand.
    So I don’t accept they are scammers, just a hosting company limiting exposure in an incredibly competitive sector.

    That kind of makes me wonder what they are using the other 90% of Server Load for.

    Imagine that you have 10 people on a server. If each person uses 10% of the server load, that’s 100%, right?

    Except that’s not how the math works. They put 25 to 50 accounts on a shared host, so when someone goes to 10%, they knock everyone else off. So … I don’t know if they’re a scam or not, but IF they don’t answer their phones and IF they are seriously overselling their servers, then they’re not a good host.

    If you’ve configured WordPress yourself, did you configure caching? A WordPress install without caching could cause the CPU to work itself to the max with just a couple of users. To try it yourself, install a copy of WordPress on a server you have access to (or, perhaps, even on your own computer) and hold down the F5 key in your browser to continuously send requests to the blog – the CPU usage would show a high value if you don’t have any kind of caching configured.

    Not all shared hosts are cache-friendly, so be careful about what caching plugin you use.

    Lets start with this.

    Godaddy is a scam-
    See Here

    Hostmonster is a scam-
    See Here

    Dreamhost is a scam-
    See Here

    hostgator is a scam-
    See Here

    Do you get my point? There ARE going to be bad reviews on every host. This dose not mean they are a “Scam”. I like what an admin from said:

    “According to a study conducted by America‚Äôs premier customer services research firm, TARP, customers are more likely to speak about a company when things go wrong rather than when they go right. On average, customers are twice as likely to talk about a bad experience as they are to share a positive one. So we can safely say that for every negative comment about [a web-hosting company], there are two more good […] reviews [about the same host] we did not hear about.”

    Hey, look! Someone thinks google is a scam…

    Is my point clear yet?

    Hope so.


    7 out of 10 webhosting companys that say they have “unlimited” webspace/bandwidth/CPU usage do limit that in their ‘terms of service’. this is normal. what is not normal is the fact that you are using up

    Top Process %CPU 33.0 /usr/bin/php /home/foodram1/public_html/index.php
    Top Process %CPU 35.0 /usr/bin/php /home/foodram1/public_html/index.php
    Top Process %CPU 31.9 httpd [] [/?feedatom]

    That’s not normal. Your website may have been hacked. There may have been a configuration error. or it could just be a line of messed up code. Whatever it may be, it’s probably not too hard to fix. you just need to locate the problem. either way, I hope your problem is solved. and I would like to recommend to you network-solutions. They have decent prices, offre 1-click installs for all of these programs, and are honest. they won’t get you with the rubbish about “Unlimited” webhosting. You’re website will go a lot further for an extra three dollars a month for quality hosting, than it will with a cheap-host. Believe me.


    P.S. I am in no way affiliated with any of the above companies.

    If you use alot of your so called “unlimited” storage and bandwith your account will eventually be suspended. Buy dedicated hosting instead.

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