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  • Ok, somebody posted this before:
    When running /wp-admin/install.php an error appears:
    SQL/DB Error:
    [Table ‘bp_wordpress.wp_options’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT option_name, option_value FROM wp_options
    This is what happens to me when I install it on my computer at home. But, in the nightly build this doesn’t happen. I’ve been able to fix my username/password refreshing problem (just by installing Firepages and uninstalling FoxServ).
    So now my only question is, since it is not recommended to use the nightly build. Is it safe to say that everything working in the 1.02 version is also working just as well in the nightlies? It’s only the new functions that might be in question right?
    Since this is only on my local machine, I figure I can start working and getting things done while 1.2 is finanlized…then just upgrade.

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  • TechGnome



    Unfortunatly, that’s not always a safe assumption. Sometimes one of those working functions gets tweaked and becomes broken. Also, there is some going ons in the backend – pawsswords are being converted to md5 hash, and times are being …umm…. how to put it? uh, “re-alligned” with GMT.
    But, if all you are doing is just testing it and getting things ready, then it will proly be OK.

    Ok, cool. Thanks, I’m gonna take my chances…

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