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  • Ok, so I’ll try and be detailed as possible. This is my first time using wordpress. I’ve made other websites in the past, but this is certainly faster when it works. I had everything working smoothly until recently. Installed WordPress, forwarded the URL from my DNS server, it looked nice and basic. I tried to change the theme, and then everything went white screen.

    From my experience in the past, that usually meant I had to change the permissions so that people could see it. I recursively changed the permissions so that everyone can read and execute (but not write) every file in the wordpress directory, and then I had no result, got frustrated and deleted the theme I was using to see what would happen. Essentially, it’s still all white screens. Any ideas on where I went wrong?

    The site is

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  • This is known as the White Screen of Death (WSOD) and lots of things can cause it. This piece of documentation is probably the best place to start:

    Though I personally find that turning debugging on often gives me some error messages to go by:

    I have turned debugging on and simply get no error messages. I am using my own server that I made in the US and am accessing from outside the country so all this junk is having to be done on a poor internet connection, but I don’t see how or why that would really affect anything.

    It doesn’t look like there are any errors, but I still get a white screen. I even deleted the WordPress directory, re downloaded the zip file and reinstalled the whole thing to no avail. Though I didn’t change anything from the old mysql tables and when I tried to do step 5 again in the 5-minute install, it said it was already installed.

    I had hoped that someone with WSOD experience would have commented, but just checked now and your site is working.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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