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  •, just finished doing a CSS layout. I decided to just start from scratch and just put the WP functions where I wanted them. Let’s just say it was quite interesting as I invented new words out of frustration. I never made a layout using CSS so I had to learn the properties and find out what each one did. I am satisfied with my result though.
    As for being a wordpress user, I started in 0.72 but left and came back in 1.01. It’s always like this, I leave and I come back which is why my archives have blocks of missing months :P.
    Anyways, I noticed two problems on my site I am unable to fix. I am an opera user and on IE, the bg seems to be a pixel off, if you zoom in and noticed that all the alignments are off by a pixel or two…does anyone know how to fix it?
    Also, my footer at the bottom, where it displays the copyright info and such, to get it there I had to use bottom: -1500px; in the css file otherwise it would be under my posts. Anyone know how to set it so that it will just display properly right after the last post so I don’t have to specify how low to go (depending on my post length I sometimes have to shorten or length the bottom: #px;) ?
    Thanks and I love this community 😀
    [edit: For the archives page, how would I get it to show all posts in that specified month? It only shows like 5]

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  • It’s also broke in Mozilla Firefox. 🙁 But it looks good for a first try!

    it doesn’t render correctly in firefox at 1280x 1024

    Can you show me a screenshot of it? And does anyone know how to fix the problems I have listed?

    I like the style of your blog but in my FF it is very slow to scroll. Hence I never looked at the other issues.

    Why would it be slow to scroll? I’m trying to make my site good for all browsers so I’ll try to fix all issues (which isn’t even possible due to the different issues each browser has).

    There seems to be a very odd effect which is seen here on this forum from time to time and has been reported elsewhere which generates high cpu load, and a loss of functionality. None of us are near yet to fixing it. It seems to be inconsistent across both time and browsers. It is however a separate thing to the screen res q posted. I will have a look if I can. As to the footer, it is a feature of the default template. A lot of folks prefer it to go below the menu and the content. It is simple to place there.

    nice site mate – one little nigle 1px error with h3 in firefox

    Root: Thanks for explaining it to me. As for the footer, what do you mean by below the menu/content? It is already below the content which is the weblog. Is there another place I could put it so I don’t have to put up with re-adjusting the div depending on the weblog length?
    Arthuc: What’s “nigle 1px error with h3?”
    I am downloading firefox to see how my site looks in it, thanks all for the responses. 🙂

    Well a lot of us have added an outer wrapper to the whole shebang in index.php.
    Or at a minimum closed the #rap after the footer paragraph. You can then set the footer as another div unlike the para it is by default. Once you have got the darn thing under some semblance of control you can then put the footer right across the bottom of the menu and content. You can’t go on altering the fixed height in a blog. It will drive you nuts.

    Love the topbanner 🙂 Rawks!

    this looks fantastic… nice and clean but with enough visual interest and negative space to move the eye around
    a great lookin site

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