• Installed fine but couldn’t clone my wp install into a staging folder.

    Error message after error message.

    Author suggests “– Enable Optimizer for all plugins in WP Staging settings” on his support forum but their is no ‘optimiser’ in ‘staging settings’ at all…so…?

    Clearly other have got it to work but it’s not an out of the box solution and glad I didn’t spend $89 on pro.

    Amendement: Reading other reviews, Rene seems like a really nice, patient and hard working guy so I feel bad about giving a one star review. I only ever give one star when a plugin completely fails to function even after following suggested solutions, as in this case.

    2nd Amendement: It turns out the plugin could not make the duplicate because of not enough server memory, a couple of failed attempts had created two partial copies on the server and because the site is big this left no space for a third attempt. Thanks to Rene for helping and being so patient. I have edited my review to 5 stars.

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  • Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hello @turpin,

    Could you enable wp staging debug and send me the log file from wp-content/uploads/wp-staging?

    I am pretty sure that I can fix this particular issue for you quickly.

    I am soory to see it not working on your machine:(

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Please write me directly support (at) wp-staging.com

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hello again @turpin

    Could you also let me know what error message you were receiving?

    Hi Rene

    will do, thank you.

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    @turpin I am very sad to still see your very bad review. Hope you will answer to my last email and give me a chance to fix the issue for you.

    Hi Rene, thanks for your help, I have amended my review with an explanation of what happened. When I removed the duplicates from two failed attempts it worked fine. The server had run out of memory. It was a big travel site with a lot of photographic content.

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Wow, awesome. You really make my day:-)

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.

    Btw. I will release a new version soon which tackles this memory consumption.
    This is something we already did in the pro version which we merge into the free version as well.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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