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    I want to be sure that you know that your widget breaks Jetpack Site Stats. I updated to WP 3.9 yesterday and now my Jetpack site stats have disappeared. No access to it in the dashboard, no indicator at the top of the blog page, and when I go to my bookmarked link I get the message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” It’s not even listed when I click the Jetpack tab. Also, the WP site stats page quit updating as soon as I upgraded.

    It turns out the issue is a conflict with the Subscribe2 widget. When I deactivate it, the Site Stats come back. People using Subscribe2 will have to wait until you resolve the problem in order to see site stats again or do without Subscribe2.

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  • @eclectablog,

    I was aware of that from yesterday and checked in a fix earlier today:

    You might be able to use that above to fix this on your own site.

    @mattyrob, I appreciate that you have figured out a fix but I have no idea how to implement the things in that link. Could you possibly walk me through it?


    Sure, actually it’s pretty simple. First you need to know how to edit files running your blog, if you know about the plugin editor or FTP editing already skip forward a paragraph.

    The easiest way is to use the WordPress plugin editor but it may be disable. Try going to your Plugins menu and see if there is the word ‘Edit’ next to the Deactivate link. Click that and then find the classes/class-s2-core.php file in the right sidebar and click on that. If ‘Edit’ is not present then you’ll need to FTP into your site, via cPanel is a good way, and then edit the file at wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/classes/class-s2-core.php.

    Once you’ve opened up the right file search for the following line:
    unset( $modules['stats'] );
    And replaced that with this:

    Save those changes, check you site is working and make sure you can now access the Stats section in Jetpack again.

    this worked, thanks allot

    Thanks, mattyrob. This worked for me.

    That worked. Will you be releasing an updated plugin?


    At some point yes, but it isn’t going to be imminent. I’ll see if any more bugs are identified and perhaps release around the same time as a point release of WordPress 3.9.

    Wow, a plugin disabling another plugin’s functionality. That is seriously wrong IMO. I have a lot of clients who lost 2 days of stats because of that.

    If JetPack comments caused issues with your plugin (I don’t use them so I wouldn’t know), did you bring it up with them before disabling the functionality?

    Wow, the more I think about this, the worse idea it is. Leave other people’s plugins alone, seriously. Or provide an option. Don’t just do it without a clear warning (one line in an offsite log doesn’t count…)

    Time to finish migrating sites to MailPoet…


    You are welcome to your opinion but have a look in the Jetpack code for a list of all the plugins it currently conflicts with. Then consider how much of my time gets taken up by the fact that Jetpack comments completely and totally bypasses all comments code on hosted sites to use the form from (yes that says .com and it’s right) instead of you site thus ignoring any and all code running on your sites that might add to or change your comment form.

    Good luck with MailPoet, just make sure to keep under 2,000 subscribers or you will start paying.


    I understand the reasoning behind what you did. I’m not saying there’s an easy solution here and JetPack is indeed a beast. But you need to counterbalance this with the effect it may have on end users and the potential number of them affected. Your plugin has 1.2 million downloads, JetPack has nearly 10 million. The actual live installs ratio is probably even more heavily skewed in JetPack’s favor. Before you disable functionality in a plugin with so many users I’d think a lot harder about it and other potential solutions.

    Today I was lucky that I found this thread quickly via Google and applied the fix I found here before I received more emails from irate clients. Lucky also that I can code and use InfiniteWP to send an updated zip to the sites I still have using Subscribe2. Your plugin is the last place I’d have looked for a problem with JetPack Stats so I could have lost a lot of time troubleshooting an issue actually unrelated to JetPack. I don’t know what a less experienced WordPress dev will do in front of the same issue. You really need to consider this stuff too.

    My previous post probably came off harsher than it should have but I still think your “fix” is a terrible idea.

    As for MailPoet, I’m well aware of its subscriber limit. Free is not the main criteria I use to select a plugin or WordPress product in general. Quality is as I make a living building WordPress web sites and plugins that don’t break my client sites will win over plugins that do every time, regardless if they’re free or not. I manage dozens of WordPress installs for clients. I’ve come to value stability over other criteria long ago.

    With that said, don’t get me wrong, I do think your plugin is a great plugin and I’ve used it on many sites for years. But moves like this can break my confidence in a dev quicker than anything. Kudos on reacting quickly over a holiday weekend though. That is much appreciated.


    If I was earning a living from this code then I’d accept totally what you are saying but your concerns and assumptions only hold true if this this was a commercially viable and profitable venture. That, it is not.

    I’m on my own developing and supporting this plugin – mainly for my own use but shared so others can benefit. I don’t have the luxury of MailPoets having 9 people working on developing and supporting their code or Jetpack with Automattic behind them.

    Jetpack has already caused me headaches because it breaks parts of my code. Subscribe2 can enable singing up to post notifications from the comment form, Jetpack Comments breaks that. Disabling the Comments section (disabling the Stats bit was a bug) in Jetpack is only done if the comments part of my code is enabled. If Jetpack Comments is enabled first then the appropriate part of my code is disabled.

    So, I have thought about it carefully and crafted the code as best I can to workaround Jetpack. But then I also did something stunningly stupid in deactivating the wrong module in Jetpack. In my defence I’ll blame Jetpack for being overly complicated bloatware 😉

    [Edited for greater clarity]

    I hear you and my apologies for overreacting earlier. I do get that this is a free plugin (although I did run your paid HTML version on some sites 🙂

    The explanations in the third paragraph of your post are important. This is information I didn’t have and would have mitigated my earlier reaction. Might be something you mention in the plugin FAQ as it’s key information for people both using JetPack and your plugin. Going by both plugin’s popularity, it might be quite a few people. Without the mistake disabling the wrong module, it wouldn’t have affected me as I don’t use JetPack comments but I’m sure many others do.

    Anyway, apologies again for overreacting. All is good now 🙂

    This change is not working for me. Still have a hole where my stats used to be.


    No problem – I understand your reaction when your livelihood is at stake. What would be nice from my perspective is if website developers who use WordPress and Subscribe2 and other ‘free’ plugins to build sites for their clients built a donation for this ‘free’ software into their fee and passed this onto the plugin developer.


    That’s stange, it really should work. Try this instead then.In the classes/class-s2-core.php file fine this line:

    add_filter('jetpack_get_available_modules', array(&$this, 's2_hide_jetpack_comments'));

    And comment it out – change it to this:

    //add_filter('jetpack_get_available_modules', array(&$this, 's2_hide_jetpack_comments'));

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