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    I am working with a modified template and have been running in circles with this audio player. I love the idea of it, but it just won’t show your player, only the WP style with the audio title as a link to a page that plays.

    I have gone through your FAQ and checked everything. Can you have a peek and see if something obvious and stupid is keeping it from working?


    Many thanks.

    BTW I love your personal site design, very cool performance.


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  • Plugin Author pupunzi


    Your site page is firing an error (TypeError: element.dispatchEvent is not a function - $m(".ccf-datepicker").datepicker();) that is probably blocking the audio script. The error is not generated by the mb.miniAudioPlayer. You should try disabling one by one the other installed plugin to check which one is breaking the javascript.


    Many thanks Matteo! I’ll seek it out and let you know. cheers.

    Hi Matteo, I am relatively new to your plugin and also find I cant get this plugin to work on my published posts/pages. The plugin seems to be installed properly and can see the button in my edit posts/page however when published I still get the standard WordPress text link for audio files. I have gone through the forum to see problems by others but cant seem to get it to work.

    Page link with player is: http://idezentertainment.com/?p=102

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    @afrogenius: The page you are pointing to doesn’t exist. I can’t see what’s going on.

    Many apologies Matteo, post was privately published. See this temporary page. http://idezentertainment.com/?page_id=18

    Sad but i might have to give up on this plugin. Even more sad coz it seems like such a great plugin. All the best



    Hi Pupunzi,

    I’m having exactly the same problem described above… I would love any assistance you could give me to get it working.



    Plugin Author pupunzi


    Hi Andrew,
    Your site load the content via AJAX; the player initializer is called onDocumentReady and transform each mp3 url into a player. In your case, when the function is called, none of the links to an mp3 file is on the DOM of the page. When the content is loaded into the page it’s too late.

    You should call the mb.miniAudioPlayer initialize function each time you load a new content via AJAX on the ajaxSuccess callback.

    Try replacing the miniAudioPlayer_player_head() function (from line 109 to line 146) of the miniAudioPlayer.php file with:

    function miniAudioPlayer_player_head() {
        global $miniAudioPlayer_getMetadata, $miniAudioPlayer_width,$miniAudioPlayer_skin, $miniAudioPlayer_animate,$miniAudioPlayer_volume,$miniAudioPlayer_autoplay,$miniAudioPlayer_showVolumeLevel,$miniAudioPlayer_showTime,$miniAudioPlayer_showRew;
        echo '
    	<!-- start miniAudioPlayer initializer -->
    	<script type="text/javascript">
        if(!map) var map={};
        map.downloadUrl = "'.plugins_url( 'map_download.php', __FILE__ ).'";
        map.userCanDownload = '.(current_user_can('read') == 1 ? "true" : "false").';
        function initializeMiniAudioPlayer(){
             jQuery("a[href*=\'.mp3\'] ,a[href*=\'.m4a\']")'.getExcluded().'mb_miniPlayer({
    				swfPath:"'.plugins_url( '/js/', __FILE__ ).'"
              jQuery(document).ajaxSuccess(function(event, xhr, settings) {
    	<!-- end miniAudioPlayer initializer -->

    If it works I’ll include this fix on the next release.


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