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  • DKGPestControl


    Hi Guys,
    I’m just building a new site for my company at got most of it set up and a few pages have been added.
    If anyone could have a poke nose and give feed back, good or bad please do.

    Hope everyone has a great Xmas

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  • tgsb


    You can use much better background than this….and you must increase the text-size a bit to increase its visibility and keep your text left align not center align.Thanks.



    Clean design and easy to follow. Took 10 seconds to load, a bit slow. Thanks for sharing.



    Thank you guys for you feed back,
    The Slide style header seems to slow the site down quite a bit but I do like the slide header moving. Not sure how to speed it up.

    I will change the text to left align asap and try to change the text size.


    C W (VYSO)


    The design looks pretty good. I agree about changing the font size: 12px is much too small on modern computer screens. Try bumping up the font-size to at least 16px, and set the line-height to 1.5: it’ll drastically improve the readability of the site.


    Regarding the slider:

    (1) It’s highly unlikely that anybody’s going to open your page and sit there for 30 seconds watching the slider change. You might want to consider cutting it back to three or four slides. That way, you still get some movement and visual interest without loading images that few are going to look at.

    (2) The mole, rat and rabbit control images are incorrectly linked: they’re missing the leading http://, which means they go nowhere.

    (3) The flea and cluster fly images lead to non-existent pages.


    I’d really make an effort to speed up the site. One of the problems is that it takes a fair while for a visitor to see anything at all. Based on a analysis, it takes about eight seconds before your website begins to render for a new visitor, which is a long time to be looking at a blank screen.

    A few basic tips that may help you in improving the performance of the site:

    (1) Reduce the slider to just a few images, as I’ve described above.

    (2) Install a caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache.

    (3) Use EWWW Image Optimizer to losslessly reduce the size of your images.

    (4) A slightly more advanced step would be to use CloudFlare, which often helps to improve site performance.



    Quite impressed! Very easy to navigate. Site is clean and clear. A little slow to load, but overall, great!



    Thanks for the feedback,


    regarding the broken links, the rabbit link is not working as I haven’t got round to building that page as yet but the others appear to work fine on my machine? Not sure what or why they weren’t working. Unless I’m looking at the wrong thing?
    I have W3 Page Cache in my other site so I will install that on this one too!

    All images have been compressing in photoshop, will the Ewww IO still have a positive effect?

    I’m not sure why it is so slow? All images are compressed to around 40K – 75K

    and the server only has 3 sites on it?

    I can’t find where to change my text size or line spacing?
    Looked under “Theme Options” > “Typography Setting” and under “Settings” > “Writing Options”
    But found nothing for body text font?




    Do you have any images of the damage that pests can do? Personally I thought the images of the rats where a bit cute and thought you were advertising a pet store.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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