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    Hey all. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post stuff like this here or not, but I just bought a template that I thought was pretty cool and I wanted to share it. I won’t post a link to the site I’m using it on because it’s NSFW, but I bought it here… [link moderated]. He only has one type right now, but it comes in 4 different colors. I think he also does custom skins, so if anyone is looking for something special, you may want to contact him.

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  • sdollen


    And who thought that WordPress didn’t have any value?



    Yeah, I’ve ran across several designers that do themes for WP, and most of them are really expensive. This guys pre-mades are cheap, but I don’t know how much his customs are. One person wanted $300.00 to do a design for my blog.



    Nice. But for $25? And to think all you had to do was view source of the demo . . .



    nice themes, thanks for the link.

    too bad your profile link is to a NSFW site anyway.



    Yeah, but I wouldn’t know how to turn it into a theme once I viewed the code. And that would be stealing anyway…and that’s just wrong. lol



    Sorry about that…link has been removed.



    So why was the link to the templates removed? There was nothing NSFW in there?



    Community support is about helping people and not promoting for-profit services.

    As NuclearMoose stated, there’s been much discussion regarding advertising ANY for profit products or service in the forum. Therefore the link was removed, in an attempt to evenly enforce the rule.



    Ok, makes sense. I was just trying to help out the people like me that have zero interest in learning how to make a template though.





    Nice. But for $25? And to think all you had to do was view source of the demo


    Anyhow, there’s far too many good free/GPL ones out there…

    I can probably speak for most people here at the forum, despite our desire to not allow advertising in a support forum, we also don’t condone stealing others work.

    So on that note, the thread is sealed.

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