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  • I purchased this with high hopes…We ran in to an issue and support was very slow and I became upset. There was an issue between SlicedInvoices and RankMath. I finally gor support from Andrew and we working on a resolution which might have included me abandoning RankMath as getting paid was more important. In my initial complaint I stated that we needed to fix this or refund my money. we were making progress and Andrew had turned my attitude to being patient and looking in to the problem. I have patience when we are working to resolve an issue, not when there is no communication. several weeks went by and i added to my ticket that there were several headers already sent errors and they deactivated my license and stated that they issued a refund (which I have yet to see but I trust it is in process). This is not how you do business. If we came to an impasse then refund but Andrew and I had a dialog and I believed that we were working to resolve the issues. SI, you have FOREVER lost me as a customer and I hope you correct your internal attitude about cancelling licenses when there is open support tickets!

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    Wow. I never imagined I’d see somebody give us a 1-star review because they asked for a refund and we had the audacity to actually refund them.

    Let me re-cap what has happened here:

    1) You open a support ticket on a Thursday. Now, while we try really hard to get back to all tickets within 1 business day, shame on us we just couldn’t get to yours on Friday.

    2) So, on Saturday, you send an email through our “Pre-Sales Questions” form threatening a 1-star review and a chargeback if we don’t refund you immediately. Now, understand that we don’t expect to get refund requests in the form of a Pre-Sales Question, normally refund requests would go through a support ticket. Also note that our Sales Manager (Mindy) was on vacation at the time, so your email to her would not be found until the following week (more about this in a moment).

    3) First thing Monday morning, our Support Manager (Andrew), who does not answer pre-sales emails and was therefore unaware of your nasty email from Saturday, proceeds to answer your ticket just like any other support ticket. Over the course of a week several messages are exchanged back and forth between you and Andrew.

    4) Meanwhile, Mindy returns from her vacation and begins catching up on pre-sales emails. Upon finding your email, she immediately refunds your purchase, AS YOU REQUESTED.

    5) Meanwhile, back on the support ticket Andrew asks for my help. So I look at the ticket, which is something to do with a conflict between our Client Area extension and some other plugin called RankMath. However I notice that your order has already been refunded, so there’s nothing else for me to do but close your ticket, which I do.

    Now, I guess you don’t realize this, but when you send us a threatening email asking for a refund, you’re going to get a refund. We are serious about our no-hassle return policy. Threats are not even required — anyone who asks us for a refund gets one. The only unusual thing in this situation was that you sent your refund request through the wrong channel (pre-sales questions), and at the time you sent it our Sales Manager was on vacation (the only vacation she’s taken all year, btw). Despite this, you still got the refund you asked for, the moment Mindy got back and saw your message.

    Another thing you must not realize is, when you go in with guns blazing, threatening bad reviews and chargebacks right off the bat, you are not motivating the person at the other end to go above and beyond for you. I understand you have been “burned” (as you say) by other developers in the past, but when you start projecting previous bad experiences onto every future experience, you’re just creating a vicious cycle. I mean seriously, do you follow every support ticket with a threat of a 1-star review and a chargeback, if you don’t get an answer fast enough? If so that’s simply emotional blackmail, NOT a way to get good support.

    David Grant
    Developer of Sliced Invoices

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