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  • One of the worst plugins and support I’ve ever experienced.

    I asked the support how to navigate from image to image within a collection (not going across into a new collection/category). They sent me a link to a page with code. I spent 5 or 6 hours trying code from this page which either didn’t work or broke the page. So, I went back and asked exactly what code to use. Another support worker replied saying I’ve already been told and attached a link to another page with code. I spent more hours trying this. Same result. So I asked again why they couldn’t just tell me what code to enter instead of giving me links, as in my opinion giving somebody clues isn’t what I would call support. The reply was to tell me that I wanted wasn’t possible. Unbelievable.

    I also asked why the magnifier wasn’t working on safari – the reply was that it doesn’t work with the copyright logo – choose one or the other.

    They also quoted me for some custom work (which wouldn’t even have brought this dreadful plugin up to minimum standards) and when I wanted to go ahead they huffily declined – presumably because I had let them know that their “support” and time wasting earlier was not great.

    You also cannot have a “collection” that does not show on a collection page – every category or collection you make shows up with the rest. Terrible for limited editions or any other reason you may have for separating them.

    The plugin and themes they use also butcher images and no matter what – all images end up pixelated. Ideal for selling quality images online!!!

    You cannot specify a price to an item, all prices apply to all images which is just plain stupid and very un-useful.

    Then there was the general bugs and errors already mentioned on here.

    Every step I took in developing a site using this plugin was a struggle, I ended up ditching the whole thing, starting again and building the site in opencart.

    The money I spent on this has been completed wasted. Not to mention the time I spent persevering trying to make the best of this.

    Weeks have passed since this happened and I still feel angry and let down.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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