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  • nice design! looks good to me but your header loads a lot of js files. You can combine some of them to decrease your server requests and speed up the page loading time.

    Thanks Gerald, great suggestion!

    Also the css files don’t load fast enough and sometimes fail to load completely. I need to look into that too for sure.

    OK, these are my main task this week!

    I haven’t tried this plugin yet but maby this can save you some hours of manual work:

    It’s a very convenient plugin for sure, but somehow some css files can’t be loaded correctly, I’ll do it myself when I have time. Thanks a lot anyway!

    Also I just added a new feature – when visitors click the tiny music note at left bottom corner of the page, they will enter the “play nonstop” mode, and music/video can play without stop throughout my blog. Anyone with any advice on that is really appreciated too.

    Thanks! : )



    I need for blog. I have blog page and i had create few post. so i need to display my menu structure for blog look like http://www.domainname.com/blog/post-name. Please help help me to solve this.


    I’m not 100% sure what you want, but I wrote a quick “plugin” which enable you to enter the “play nonstop” mode at http://yourdomainname.com/playnonstop

    (that’s assuming wordpress is installed under the root of your domain, if it’s installed under yourdomain.com/blog, then you should go to yourdomainname.com/blog/playnonstop)

    You can edit the playlist by editing yourdomainname.com/playnonstop/index.php file

    Here’s the ‘plugin’, I’ll write a better plugin when I have time : )

    Thanks Blue whale. Even i tried that…but no use.

    Suppose, if i have a blog (Ex: http://www.website.com/blog). My Question is if i create any post it should come under blog (Ex: http://www.website.com/blog/post-name).

    How to do that.




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    I thought you want to play music without stop in your website… post go under blog once you configure it at setting>>permalink



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    Playing music automatically on your site is an incredibly bad idea.

    Sure, I definitely agree. As I said people need to click the music note at left bottom of my blog to play music, after that music won’t be interrupted when jumping to different pages.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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