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    Just a waste of time!

    I’ve been dealing with this plugin for a while now, and I wanted to let you all about my experience.

    I’ve spent days trying to understand the pricing. It’s not clear what you get with each package, especially when it comes to WooCommerce integration.

    According to the comment posted by a Taxjar employee on the previous 1-star review, Taxjar should cost you $19/month if you sign up via Woocommerce interface.

    That is a HUGE LIE! I’ve tested 3 different techniques to get that offer.

    First, I went to the website without knowing that I had to signup via Woocommerce, and ending up with a warning that I need to upgrade to professional ($99/month) to connect Woocommerce.

    Second, I called the sales team and they gave me a Woocommerce partner link. I signed up with a new email, and it didn’t work either.

    Lastly, I thought it might be due to the caching, so I opened a new browser, went to Taxjar settings, clicked on the signup link, and signed up using another new email address. Then, I was greeted with the same warning.

    No matter how you try it, they try to get you to pay $99/month. It’s obvious that they want you to give up trying and pay $99/month. They want to punish you for using Woocommerce rather than Shopify where it would cost you $19/month if you did so.

    I’ve emailed the support team about this problem. It’s been hours and I still haven’t received any response.

    I suggest you find another provider who is cooperating and honest even if it costs slightly more.

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