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  • I think it looks good, maybe a bit bigger on the banner page? but that is nickpicking…

    I too just started a blog, if can give me your thoughts as well

    You totally got me on your “In Love” post.

    This is my personal blog, not running on WordPress, but on a custom built blogging system (all coded by myself, top to bottom, front to back). The theme is ultra minimalist because I suck at graphic designing.

    Another blog that I run is Googlified (this one runs on WP), your daily dose of Google-related news.

    Double-stuffed oreos? Too common – try Pinwheels, but put them on a napkin and microwave them for about 10 seconds first. You will thank me for this! 😉

    Nice to see another IT person here. 🙂 I enjoyed your articles regarding the Cisco switches, you should see some of our closests…. an absolute nightmare!

    I think I’ll join your site in a bit.

    Ogden2k –




    whoever does your cable management sucks 😛

    these blogs are all good!

    Just a few things – maybe you can embed a sidebar login instead of having to make a Login link on your navigation menu? Then maybe you can add an archives link there, have it highlighted when the archives pages are being viewed 😀

    And I think it would be better to put your search form just under the about section – so people wont need to scroll down too much when they need to use it 😀

    But overall – simple, clean layouts are always a great thing imo. ^_^

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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