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    Recently moved from MT to WordPress, and wondered what people thought. Also, there is the odd display glitch in IE 6.0. The pages validate, but the sidebar will sometimes be randomly cut off at the bottom of the entry. Try refreshing to see what I mean. Not sure if that’s due to this version (am viewing on a Japanese computer IE 6.0.2800). Would be grateful of feedback from alternate OS / browser combinations. Thanks!

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  • looks fine on opera 7.52 win platform.

    Yeah “Looks fine” is about right – A programmer I am, A designer I am not… 😀
    Thanks for checking it out!

    Doesn’t work out fine in Safari 1.2.2

    Wow, great site. To be honest, I’m not sure about the colours, but I love the content. It’s on my favourite list. I always like the ‘letter from america’ style sites… I’m a frequent traveller.
    I taught Japanese kids English last year, as a residential tutor. One 12 year old had a T-shirt with ‘Big Thing Pimp, Mother’. I advised him that he shouldn’t wear it outside in London. He ignored my advice and created quite a stir just sitting on the Eros fountain in Piccadilly Circus.

    Jamie there is some really interesting 3d stuff going on there in the design. Original certainly and IMHO very kewl. Welcome to the WP brit pack.

    cheers for the comments guys and gals. thaleia could you give me some more info on where it:s going wrong in Safari? Don:t have access to a machine to test it you see… Any other problems people have noticed? Changed the CSS a little bit so it shouldn:t be as glitchy as it was before…
    rparker: yeah, the ‘Engrish’ can be pretty funny – devoted an entire page to it 😀
    Just discovered my server doesn’t support mod_rewrite 🙁 Lesson for the future; it pays to investigate your hosting *before* you pay…
    Thanks again everyone,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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