• This plugin is designed by a coder a who doesn’t fully understand user experience. Which is pretty much par for the course for anything to do with wordpress. This plugin has the potential to be the #1 table designing plugin on the internet except the flow from one thing to another is so confusing its barely manageable. after you finally figure out what everything is and how it works and you start building. An hour later when your putting the finishing touches on you realize there is no way to upload a photo into the table.

    ****ALSO if you want to use any other color but the default its going to cost you $29 for a color change**** I would have gladly paid $30 for this plugin if it had an image upload option. I mean come on the basic table make that comes with wordpress allows me to put an image in it. WTF

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  • Plugin Author Shahjahan Jewel


    Hello @jigsaw,
    First of all, Thank you for trying our plugin. As we are fully focused on WordPress plugin development and personally, I am working in WordPress for last 8 years and as per my experience, I tried my best to make the plugin for best for our users. More than 10,000 websites use this plugin and we are continuously improving this plugin.
    Most of the features you see those are from customer feature request. So, We hear our users.

    Now, Let’s talk about the features. As our business model is freemium model so We have some features which are completely free and we have some features which are premium. So, As a basic use case, The free version is enough but for other advanced features you have to purchase the plugin and this is how we are keep the plugin updated, feature rich, providing support etc.
    As you mentioned about image upload, That is a premium feature. Our Pro users can use that feature easily.

    Now, About the UX: The current UI and UX is much different than the first version. We could make this UI and UX based on our user feedback and our users want things this way.

    Now, I really want to hear from you about how we can improve the UX and I really want to work with those issues. At the end, I want to make this plugin best for our users and solve as much problems as we can.

    I am looking forward to hear back from you.


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