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  • teh shadow


    it was the start of spring break and i decided to actually build me website. ive owned the domain for about a year, and never did anything with it. so i sat down last thursday and after about 30 hours off and on this weekend, this is what came out. its a general site for myself.

    just want to hear what some others think about it. the only part that is wordpress is the blog. the rest of the site i coded straight html and css.

    im also taking ideas of more content for my site outside of the blog itself (web apps, interactivity, etc..).

    so let me have it….

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  • Barriss


    I just got a 403 error so canĀ“t really say much…

    teh shadow


    the link works, i just checked it.

    although depending on what country your in, i might have it blocked. my server got hit with a couple spam bots pretty hard, and killed my email ability, so i blocked quite a few countries…

    Moderator Konstantin Kovshenin


    Me too, I got a 403



    Worked fine for me – that’s a very cool design you have there!

    Moderator Konstantin Kovshenin


    Still 403.. There must be something wrong with your hosting. I’m trying to access from Moscow.

    Anna Johansson


    On one hand I love the design, very unique and easily navigated. (It has a bit of “retro -98” feel to it…hehe)

    Altough I feel that the faded text is to bright when you’re readng the text. It shows too much and is a bit distracting.




    The site has a unique look and loads very fast. I don’t like that everything is lowercase, it makes it look like a little kid designed it. The blog needs some visible borders to make it easier to follow.



    Personally, I didn’t like the text as background on the actual blog itself. Even though it’s faded, it still was a bit difficult for me to read.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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