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  • No I am not a moderator, nor have I posted “a lot”…
    But I just want to say how amazing the Codex is and that so many of the questions asked could be omitted if one digs in the Codex first…
    I am building my first theme now and therefor have a lot of questions. But reading the very elaborate articles and examples in the codex teaches me all the basics I need to know. Only when I am really stuck I will post here. Not that I want to be the “good example”, but it looks like a lot of people here consider this a helpdesk free of charge… 1 call and I have a quick answer. One might think that because of that this forum become spammed with alike questions, which at the same time are answered in the codex…

    I just wanted to redirect some attention to the Codex… it is really good.


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  • During the Codex Cleanup Week mentioned, volunteers unfamilar with WordPress or the Codex software, found things to do on the task list. One of those was categorizing the Codex.

    Almost 400 pages on the Codex now have a category link at the bottom of each page. They are tied to the general categories found on the front page of the Codex, and other critical categories.

    For example, if you are having issues installing WordPress, all documents associated with installation have their own category. Click on that link at the bottom of an article about installing WordPress and you will see an alphabetical list of all documents related to installation.

    While major categories have been created, we will soon begin adding subcategories, narrowing down the information and helping users to track down the information they need. All of this is volunteer driven, but as you can see, even the simplest of tasks can make the most difference.

    Thank you to everyone who helped do this, and we hope that the continuing effort of volunteers, skilled in WordPress or no, will continue to help improve this documentation resource.

    Kickass, not laughing, just grinning. Proud that the message is coming through loud and clear. Thanks for carrying on the torch!

    [soapbox on]

    I don’t know about anyone else, but although the codex is the reference manual for all things, I have learned an amazing number of things in the context of reading other people’s problems.

    I am certain, that it is a trying experience for some people to read what would otherwise be considered trite questions, and I am equally clear that the amazing flexibility of WordPress “framework” leads to completely different approaches to solving end-user problems – most of which are described here.

    Every day, I read through these posts and become more confident that, I too, can eventually make a contribution to WordPress. In my view, It is this dialog which really distinguishes WordPress from other environments. I’m amazed that the architecture continues to have a sufficient flexibility that the line of differentiation between “our” code and “your” code are sufficiently blurred to create a truly innovative environment.

    It reminds me very much of hacking LISP at the MIT AI Labs back in the late seventies. I know I was there. This is what make Open Source great – and its all happening right here in this forum !

    It is a testament to the dedication of the authors, the community and the incredible WordPress environment itself.

    [soapbox off]

    k…I feel bad *blush* I have posted only 2x but they were very simple things. I tried to search around first, but I get so lost sometimes (I am a n00b). I ALWAYS post a thank u, but never thought to post it on my blog…I have added both Miklb & Davidchait’s links on my miniblog now as a thank you….I will try to figure out more stuff on my own before posting….sorry everyone…

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    Tomhanna – where ?

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    Tom – I’m having problems on your site. Could you drop me an email so I can tell you what it is ? t2 @ tamba2 . org . uk

    Hows about making it possible to search _just_ the codex. Sometimes I’ve read through the forums but need a more precise answer from the codex. Often my searches are cluttered with threads from the support forums that are inconclusive. I really do try to read the forums as opposed to asking the same question that 10 other people have already posted.


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    This is hopefully in the works.

    And until that works, I’ll add that there’s a search extension JUST for the codex in FF. VERY HANDY!

    In “FF”… what does this mean? Can you clarify how to uh… just search the codex?

    FF – FireFox. Someone posted an extension for FF that will only search the codex. I saw it referenced in a thread yesterday. I’ll see if I can’t run across it again.

    meganano, if you are using IE, stop what you are doing and go get FF. It took me a long time to make the switch and now I just shake my head that I did not switch sooner.

    FF = Firefox

    Firefox has a search bar built into it. It defaults to search google, but you can add other search engines to its dropdown to search other sites directly from your browser…like the Codex.

    Unfortunately, the WordPress Support one at the above link searches both the codex and support.

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