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  • No I am not a moderator, nor have I posted “a lot”…
    But I just want to say how amazing the Codex is and that so many of the questions asked could be omitted if one digs in the Codex first…
    I am building my first theme now and therefor have a lot of questions. But reading the very elaborate articles and examples in the codex teaches me all the basics I need to know. Only when I am really stuck I will post here. Not that I want to be the “good example”, but it looks like a lot of people here consider this a helpdesk free of charge… 1 call and I have a quick answer. One might think that because of that this forum become spammed with alike questions, which at the same time are answered in the codex…

    I just wanted to redirect some attention to the Codex… it is really good.


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  • Yeah, if you removed the simple questions and the people saying “Search first” there wouldn’t be much traffic on here at all. 🙂

    Hi Curly,
    Im not the right person to respond here and Im a newbie as well – I also dont want to P*** people off at my thoughts so I dont get my questions answered here 🙂
    BUT – I am Very new to WP – But Ive been building sites for a bit and know my HTML (sorta) but and very grey on PHP – like most “users” really – I manage simple stuff. We are not all “developer/designers”
    We are mostly looking for a plug and go system – the confusion comes with the themes. WP – is pretty plug and go – Ive built a complete and growing site in about 10days, very part time with VERY few hassles – shameless promotion to WP.
    The CODEX is also a HUGE help to me. But you correctly used the term “DIG” .
    What I find is that the information is often somewhere between the Postings in this forum and the CODEX but sometimes the cross referencing of info – or the way a post is “taged” is not the way I would pose the question.
    Hence – to find what you want is sometimes not easy.
    What Im saying is – theres a huge knowledge base – but sometimes not arranged the way I would seek within. Sorry its just not intuitive (for me)
    I also think that folks (me included) look for a quick fire answer .
    Forinstance, I once spent 2 and a half days trolling the codex and posting here to find out a painfully obvious bit of info about forms in WP that was totally unnecessary – – when someone finally pointed out the solution — that wasted time sent me into a blue fit – truely 🙂

    Sorry – I also waffle a lot 🙂
    In summary –
    -yes there are a lot of repeat questions that are asked that shouldnt be.
    -Some of those questions can probaly be accessed easier by a REAALY good install and working model FAQ
    – many problems come from poorly explained or misunderstood Themes
    -I should help WP by assisting in the forum & CODEX (as should others)
    – the expandable nature of WP in itself creates many questions
    -WP is a great system with lots of possibilities.
    – this list is endless 🙂

    My tarnished and devaluing 2 cents worth.
    Keep well.

    wow… long post! 😉
    And a very well-explained answer! I understand you. And you indeed picked up the term “dig” nicely. I spend quite some time there.

    But good to read your point of view.

    I know by own experience that searching the codex and the forums can be really time-consuming, and because of not really knowing what to look for, a personal answer can put you on the right track. (believe me, losing the personal touch of this forum is the LAST I would want…)
    Another thing which does not help at this moment (I really hope this is only a matter of time) is that the search function in this support forum does not give answers straight away anymore and one might easily take the short route by just dropping a question.

    I started this topic only to give the starters an extra incentive to use the codex and maybe just to say: “Your question might have been asked before, so the question is most probably out there too!”

    And do not forget: Each post is a contribution to WordPress! (even when it’s a double… 😉 )

    Cool, Basically I agree with your thoughts:)
    Yup the search seems sticky atm. Also my obtuse brain poses questions differently. What I do see is many seem to ask customising or tweeking questions of themes thatare probably not he right ones for that user 🙂
    There are also many on the quirks of different systems and so installs – that are always a pain and there are so many system types. Then the sheer dynamic nature of WP mans so many “non-core WP” questions arise.
    It would be helpful to have a REALY well doc’d core -(I think its OK tho).
    Even if Kub is a bit of a twister to non-hackers to tweek.
    Some questions may be also better asked in a different forum category – like the developer guys may be better off in a real tech area so the install q’s are REALY obvious and a good FAQ is developed from that forum.
    But thats a hassle tho cos then people dont learn or see what can be done — ah well, so many beers, so little time 🙂
    One day I hope to be more useful to the forum.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Can I add that sometimes when people post here, they receive a huge amount of continual help on many topics to do with their blog.
    Yet on their blog, they either fail to credit the forums or the people who helped them. I have seen on more than one occasion things like “I fixed the problems”.
    Hardly fair given the effort others gave freely is it ?

    Say Thank You.
    It doesn’t hurt.

    (And the post title has some sort of inverse relationship to the actual problem. “Easy” generally means very much the opposite 🙂 )

    hehe – Podz – nail on Head as usual and I am one of those that must and will go give credit 🙂 V good point.
    By the way – After almost throwing the laptop and WP of the 4th floor balcony (read above) I am about to build another new site using my own template I have but using WP as the core from what Ive learnt (so stand by for Q’s). So – Thanks to the WP community and guys like you I have a new tool to play with. Even if I am reluctantly dragged down the css route 🙂 .
    Keep well




    We’re currently in the midst of Codex Cleanup Week, in which we try to nail down as many loose ends in Codex articles as possible. We are completely open to suggestions from “regular users” as to how we can best organize the wealth of information in the Codex.

    The WordPress Documentation Team has recently rolled out a new front-page for the Codex, which should help people more quickly drill-down into the areas they require.

    If you have specific suggestions for improvement, please share them. Either email a member of the WordPress Documentation Team, post a note on their User Page on the wiki (here’s mine), or sign up for a Codex Task to contribute directly.

    “Regular users” are very much encouraged to participate: those of us who are deeply familiar with the WordPress internals often forget what it’s like to approach the system with fresh eyes. Your experiences, insights, and frustrations can help us help others. Please participate.

    @ Skippy: Good reply. I sometimes forget that that is also a way of contributing to this wonderful society. I will start participating soon.
    Positive feedback is what we/you need, and being critical in that is only added value.

    Skippy (hehe – shades of home – Aussie here – even if Im in France).
    Im happy to “try” to help when time permits.
    However my familiarity with WP is still on a vertical curve.
    You are correct tho that while its an immense job – kudos to all – a logical cross referencing is needed – (dunno how).
    Like, there is a brilliant page that details WP features that Lorelle gave a link to and the only way I can find it is refind her post – mostly cos Im a twit.
    having written a number of Docs & Procedure manuals for labs I know that Doc organisation is a nightmare. I will add my 2bobs worth if I can.
    My impression is the codex does a fair job of a giant task.
    But for newbies – my thoughts are that most are boggled by the bookmarks to cryptic tags when they realy dont know what they are looking for anyway – esp when you search.
    But I will rty to add thoughts 🙂

    ummm – ps Skippy – the link above didnt work 🙂
    I’ll try again later




    Codex is down : yes; we know. It should hopefully be restored before too much longer.

    “Like, there is a brilliant page that details WP features that Lorelle gave a link to and the only way I can find it is refind her post – mostly cos Im a twit.”

    I have to agree with that one. It would be great to be able to bookmark posts and have them in our profiles, the same as threads we’ve started or replied to.

    And podz, you asked for it. You (and others) have now been thanked publicly on a right wing US Bush supporting Republican blog.

    tomhanna, you just made my day! (*goes off to work on theme, laughing hysterically*)

    Absolutely agreed! I’m really new to wordpress. I read a few articles on the codex website and to be honest, i’m sight with the content, the structure, articles etc. I’d like to thank you guys for the constant support that you guys have given to new bloggers like me. I havent even posted anything here yet but i’ve been reading this forum for a couple of days and I noticed how efficient you guys are. Congratulations! I’m looking foward to exploring wordpress more and more.

    Oh, can I add my two bucks here? (this is worth MUCH MORE than two cents . . . and Lorelle, don’t laugh too damn hard, willya?)

    Here it is–

    Before you post your theme problem- VALIDATE YOUR CODE AND FIX THE ERRORS. Then if you still have a problem we’ll be happy to help, and happy to point to the pages on the codex that’ll fix things if you can’t find them yourself.

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