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  • Hi, I am fairly new at this. I just setup blix theme today. In layout.css, I widened the width of container a bit and there’s a little blur shows up next to the category section. Take a look at

    any suggestions?

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  • Did you want to get rid of it? The path to that image is
    If you go into this folder you will find it.
    It is part of the theme and can be changed to whatever you want in the spring_flavor.css file.

    Hi, that’s not what I meant. I want to keep the vertical bar, but I don’t want that little vertical bar blur (kinda hard to see on some monitor) that appears left to the category and right to the vertical line. Also how can I move that vertical line closer to the category?

    The only thing I can see to the left of the sidebar is the repeated .gif I linked to above. I can’t figure out what other line your talking about, sorry.

    To move something horizontally one way or another would be done by altering the layout.css file accordingly. But backup the file before you start. Especially if your new to css.

    Ok, I see it now. Boy that’s faint. Here it is

    Delete that sucker in the spring_flavour.css file. It would be in the #subcontent area. Good luck.

    Hi, thank you, I removed that little image. Appreciated.

    I also would like to move the vertical bar more toward right so it’s close to the category buttons. I tried to adjust the width in layout.css but can’t seem to find the right spot…

    You need to make the #subcontent <div> narrower. Here is what it is by default:
    /* subcontent
    #subcontent {
    padding:15px 0 0 15px;

    * html #subcontent {padding-top:32px;} /* dirty fix for IEWIN; temporary! */

    #subcontent ul, #subcontent p {margin:0 10px;}

    If you start by changing the width value little by little you will begin to get an idea of where to go from there. If it gets too narrow though, you will have problems based the margin and padding of the other elements in the sidebar.

    Hi, I decreased the value and the buttons did shrink but the bar stays at the same spot. You can take a look. Any other ideas? I appreciated your help. Thanks.

    I also tried to widen the content, but the horizontal bar where the comment is at, just go overlap the vertical line. Seems like the width doesn’t affect; the vertical bar may be in different index layer. Let me look around some more.

    I found it in spring flavour:

    #container {
    border-top:30px solid white;
    background:white url(images/spring_flavour/container_bg.gif) 500px 0px repeat-y;

    that 500 where it is at. Thank you so much!

    You’re right. The 500px 0px is the absolute position of the .gif. Adjust the 500px value to move it. Make sure your #container <div> is wide enough.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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