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  • I just installed 1.02, had 1.01 a few months ago but deleted it soon after.
    Just a few issues:
    In the edit templates window, when I click in the window the first time I press a key, even the space bar, the window jumps wider, past where I can see and there is no way to move up or down.
    When I click on a posts title, a new page opens to that post, but only the first line shows up, if I drag mouse over it, the rest of the post ” appears.” If I refresh the page the whole post dissapears, but if I click around where it should be it appears.
    This is kinda sad for a program that is supposed to be a stable release to behave. As a designer my customers would not be impressed. What’s doing this?

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  • i am hearing this first time…
    what browser u use.
    and if possible can u make available the bug to the guys here?

    Internet explorer 6
    make available the bug??? don’t lnow what you mean sorry.

    I cannot see the edit template screen, but what I can see works fine.
    Firefox 0.8 is my browser. Looks like you have changed the default template, or CSS, or both. Maybe you can try a default install and see how that works.

    I changed the stylesheet, I’ll reinstall the original, got Silver is the new Black from wordpress style. May be better idea to not try saving time that way and make my own. Both stylesheet (after some work) and WordPress validated tho…
    Will try again in a few minutes with orig stylesheet n see if that does it.
    Thanks lots for quick replies 🙂

    hiyahahhaaa. we are fast for free support 😀

    I reloaded the old stylesheet and site is fine.
    I imported mt files, went 100%
    Only situation is the edit templates window expanding on key press…

    You sure are. Free? send me a bill 😉
    gotta find that window prob…sounds like an “onkeypress” issue, but can’t see anything in templates.php that would cause this…

    odd thing is last time i installed wordpress it did the same thing, and the window I am typing into just did it too?????

    IE has issues on these forums.
    i can agree to that. 🙂

    I’ve noticed that this same issue happens in my backend when I use the templates feature to edit files. It’d be really nice to get that fixed, both in the backend and on these forums

    I’ve had the same effect and I am on Firefox. Is it another sushbh effect?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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