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  • Hi all,
    this is probably such a simple question and may have been answered
    a thousand times already. So please excuse for this.
    I have little experience with word press and do not know yet how to deal with it.

    I have a site running under wordpress, my own domain, everything installed
    and running smoothly, no problems.

    I just want to open a SECOND site now, have a new domain
    and want to have a wordpress site on that domain as well.

    There’s basically NO connection needed between the 2 domains,
    two completely separate sites. (same provider)

    What do I need to do to have wordpress on my new domain ?
    Another installation ? something else ?

    Thanks for helping

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  • That is all well and good, but how do I access the separate files? Do I create a separate log in for each domain? Do I import/export the files into my WP Dashboard to work on them? Installation answers are easy to find, ACCESSING answers are not. Can you help?

    You’re using your own hosting, right? I mean this isn’t a site(s)?

    You will basically add the new domain to your hosting account, and then start a new WordPress install under that domain’s root directory (assuming you don’t want WP on a subdomain, like

    It’s a completely separate thing. It’s like buying the house next door. You have separate addresses (URLs), separate furnishings, separate doors into the house ….

    Does that help?

    Thanks Annie,

    Yes, my own hosting account, no not

    The add on domains are already on my hosting account; I have been using other software until now for their websites. One by one I want to build WP sites for the clients.

    I have NOT, as yet, installed the WP software to each of those add on domains and that MAY be why I am experiencing this problem, which is: How do I clear my dashboard of the site I am working on in WP now, and bring in the next (add on domain) site on my dashboard so that I can begin working on it? In other words, how do I manage multiple sites ON How do I access other blogs/websites?

    I have the feeling I am using the wrong terminology somewhere.


    OK, I think I understand now.

    First thing you need to do is back up your existing sites, especially if you want to retain any of the copy (written content) on your new site. If that’s all you want to keep of the old site, you could just copy and paste that content from the site in your browser to a word file and then use the Word Import button in the “add new post” interface to import that content into the new site.

    After you’ve backed up and gotten what you need from the old site, you’ll basically have to erase the contents of the directory for that domain. Now, this is a HUGE deal, and once it’s gone it’s gone for good. (Basically, for all intents and purposes.) So PLEASE make sure you’ve backed up, downloaded the back up files, and made a copy of all the written content you want to port over to the new site BEFORE you delete anything.

    If your hosting company uses CPanel, you can use File Manager for the deleting task (there may be a better way to do this, maybe others know). Just navigate to the root directory for the domain, highlight/select the files you want to delete, and click delete.

    Then you’d do a clean install of WordPress (if your host company has CPanel, you can use the Fantastico script which will install 3.2.1, then once it’s up and you can access the dashboard, you can upgrade to 3.3).

    From there, I’m assuming you know what to do since you’ve already set up one site with WP.

    As to the “clear the dashboard” thing – actually, you’d have a completely separate dashboard for each site. It’s not like, where you can have multiple blogs all accessible from the one dashboard. So if you set up WP properly on each separate domain, that would take care of itself.

    Does that help?

    Please do wait for others to comment on the whole “deleting what’s there” issue before you go pulling the plug on your existing sites — there could be issues with this I’m not aware of.

    OMG Annie,

    YES, that helps tremendously! Thank you SO much for the clarity! And, yes, I will wait on the deleting issue. In the meantime,
    Happy New Year to you!


    Yay! Glad to help. 🙂


    Psst – alfie, you might wanna mark this as “resolved” – look on the right sidebar up there where it says “not resolved.” Cleans things up for people browsing to see if they can help folks with questions. 🙂


    I will gladly do that, but is it resolved if I am waiting for posts about “deleting what’s there”?


    Yeah, you’re right – sorry, mind blanked. 🙂

    I have a similar question. I first created a WordPress blog on WordPress (I was just really practicing, learning WP). Then I decided to put up a website on my own domain, hosted separately. So I did. But now I have TWO WordPress blogs, and when I post by email to my own domain install, it goes to the WordPress blog. How can I eliminate the one I created on WordPress. And what do I need to do to get email posts to go to my independently hosted blog? Thanks!!

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