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    @fomenkoandrey – If you want to submit another ticket to our support form I would be happy to investigate the last ticket you submitted further so we can be sure it didn’t fall through the cracks. If that is the case 2 possibilities: we didn’t reply and just closed it, or more likely you never responded after we replied via email which would have caused it to be closed in our ticket system due to inactivity. If our response ended up in your spam folder for instance.

    Either way, once we move a ticket to email support we close the issue here as that would be redundant and a waste of resources to reply in both places. It would also be a huge time suck to follow up with every unresponded ticket trying to chase users down. To be clear we manage support for nearly 300k free users/sites with a team of just 2.

    Now that said this is not an issue in our plugin, but rather the way your theme handles overflow on the HTML, body and other elements. Most times they force it on, others they simply used !important. Most often these are done without any apparent reason, possibly because they all started with the same boilerplate theme code or CSS framework. Either of these causes the issue your seeing because we disable the HTML scroll bar or attempt to. If they have those in place it prevents our disabling and thus the jumps.

    There are a few different CSS fixes but all are 100% dependent on your theme, its CSS & HTML structure of the elements that are jumping. We can’t write custom one-off solutions for every site (300k sites), so we don’t offer that type of thing for any user to be fair. Instead, we help diagnose, provide possible solutions that have worked for others and if we detect something that works we make note of it. 95% of themes do not do these things and thus have no issues. There are no changes we can make to our code that would solve it properly for any major portion of the other 5% either.

    To be clear we have tested dozens of possible & proposed solutions, most do nothing, the few that did we listed in the doc you saw before.

    If you want to get on our Facebook group we can discuss it at a more rapid pace, but again we do not provide one-off solutions, only (unlimited) guidance. If we help you track it down and get it resolved we will evaluate the solution for others as well like we have before.

    I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you, but it is an honest one. There is little we can do to help beyond providing guidance which we have attempted. Unfortunately this is one of a few issues like this. The other being a bug in iOS 11 with fixed position form elements that plagues pretty much all modal software currently.

    Hope that is somewhat helpful.

    as I wrote earlier ….
    the issue was discussed in the topic that I pointed out.
    with someone, perhaps with you, I corresponded by mail provided in the specified support topic.
    but the problem was not solved – the content and/or the menu – jumped when the overlay was enabled, in all browsers.
    about what I wrote to you by mail.
    at some stage of the correspondence you stopped responding to the mail.
    I pointed out that the problem is not solved, in the support topic.
    but the topic was also closed.
    At this point in the latest version of the plug, content jumping continues.
    none of the proposed CSS methods works.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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