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  • Hello folks,
    I’ve been doing websites for a while for my band, and i recently found wordpress. it seems pretty cool so far, and i’m trying to use for my bands new website. one problem, i have created multiple pages, and i wanted to place an audio player widget that would keep a song playing while a user navigates the site. i really hate frames and don’t want to do this way. is there a place i can put the widget that won’t get reset every time the next page loads? or is there a better way to do this?

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  • The only workable solution that I know of is to use a frame. But then, I’d also run a mile for any site that insisted on playing music at me whether I wanted it or not. Have you considered that fact that some people might be viewing the site at work. Or in a library?

    sure, but it’s a band website. kind of useless without some music playing, and visitors should expect music from a website devoted to a band. so frames are the only way? argh. really? argh. 🙂

    in that case, know of any good pop-up players that are friendly with WP?

    visitors should expect music from a website devoted to a band

    They should expect access to music, yes but they may not expect it to suddenly start without warning and have no way to stop it.

    There’s a very simple plugin that works quite well with 2.9.2 but I don’t recall it offering a popup option.

    Have you tried looking in the Plugin Directory?

    yes I found a few candidates that i’ll try, but I suppose there’s no getting around the page reloads, so seems destined to fail.

    i suppose it’s a moot point anyway since WP does not seem to support the functionality I need, but starting music on a webpage is not a hostile act …

    the question was ‘can WP do it better?’, not ‘should I?’.

    In that case, the honest answer would be “WP is lousy at this sort of thing”. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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