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  • Resolved nicomoss


    In order to make it work you need to edit the file :

    Search for href$=.mp3 and replace by href$=".mp3"

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  • Hi, thank you for the quick post after the update. I see no href$ in this file though, only in /wpaudio.min.js…tried that with no success.

    The only effect this plugin is currently having on my site is removing my existing [audio:url] tags. Nothing plays, nothing downloads, no formatting. I am using the default theme.

    Any ideas? I’m currently struggling to get this plugin to work on two sites. The official forum is down, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    That’s the wrong file to edit – hence why you’re not finding what you need. I found the answer here:

    Although, I combined the above answer with this one – I just did the following myself as I was having the same issue, and it seemed to resolve the issue for me:

    open the javascript file here:

    Search for href$=.mp3 and replace by href$=”.mp3″

    (ie. add the quotation marks before/after .mp3)

    I have this same problem. I added the quotation marks as described and it seems to put the play button back into place, but every time I press play it crashes my browser (Safari on mac).

    I just tested my site using Safari (but on a Windows 7 machine), and it doesn’t crash for me.

    Can you tell me if my site crashes for you on a Mac?

    Thank you, Ursula. That solution worked for me.

    Nice work WP Gal, problem resolved in my case.

    I was pretty happy when I found your post here … unfortunately, it still doesn’t work out for me.

    Could it be I made a mistake with the coding when I saved the edited file version in the text editor?

    Thanks mserreze & steadwell! Glad I was able to help! 🙂

    cat_: It’s possible… maybe you can try again?

    Otherwise, there’s a new minimalistic player available:

    “A simple HTML5-based audio player that inserts a text link or graphical player for audio playback. Compatible with WP Audio Player style links, fully accessible and degrades gracefully, and includes Google Analytics tracking of audio plays. Based on jPlayer.”

    This one looks so nice I’m considering swapping to it, especially since it’s HTML5-based, and it’s been updated more recently (and compatible with 3.2.1).

    Hope that helps, guys!



    When I try and edit that specific file:

    Editing wpaudio-mp3-player/wpaudio.min.js

    It says (inactive) beside it. All other files say (active) and the plugin is indeed activated.

    My specific issue is the common ‘getting a link instead of player’.

    I did add quotes to the .mp3 but still no luck. Any advice?


    Ursula, thank you! This worked for me!

    No problem – glad it worked for you! It hasn’t worked for some, thank you to those who have posted other solutions that have worked for them. Hopefully one of these solutions will work!

    JC, unfortunately, I don’t have any other ideas… 🙁

    Thanks a LOT : that thrick worked great on my blog, even in comments with a simple link (multisite 3.2.1) 😉

    This audio player is the best, absolutely !

    Worked for me

    Made that simple change to the javascript file “wpaudio.min.js”…
    Search for href$=.mp3 and replace by href$=”.mp3″(ie. add the quotation marks before/after .mp3) and yup wow. It all came right back. Sometimes we take our content for granted and I wasn’t even aware that it was just bouncing the mouse click.

    So – thanks very much for the info Ursula. All is well for now.

    Works! Thank you WP Gal!

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