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  • Im getting the error:

    Recently an error occurred while creating the CSS / JS minify cache: Too many or duplicate files specified: "wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/mootools.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokbox/rokbox.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokbox/themes/light/rokbox-config.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokfonts.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokdate.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokutils.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokutils.inputs.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokmoomenu.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/mootools.bgiframe.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/roktabs/roktabs.js, wp-content/themes/rt_affinity_wp/js/rokstories/js/rokstories.js, wp-includes/js/l10n.js, wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js, wp-content/plugins/flexo-archives-widget/flexo-anim.js, wp-includes/js/swfobject.js, wp-content/plugins/lightbox-gallery/js/jquery.dimensions.js, wp-content/plugins/lightbox-gallery/js/jquery.bgiframe.js, wp-content/plugins/lightbox-gallery/js/jquery.lightbox.js, wp-content/plugins/lightbox-gallery/js/jquery.tooltip.js, wp-content/plugins/lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.js, wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/jquery.form.js, wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/scripts.js"

    Since these are allready compressed JS files.

    I have added these to the never minimify list:


    but it still gives the error…

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  • In the General tab of W3TC, next to “Minify mode”, select “Manual”. Save changes. In the Minify tab of W3TC, next to “JS file management”, add one by one the scripts that you want to minify.

    The “Manual” mode affects also the CSS minifying. So, next to “CSS file management”, add manually the style sheets that you want to minify.

    Thanks that will help for now, to bad it does not work with the auto-mode, which is clearly a defect.

    FWIW, I’m running W3TC with minify mode set to auto on 3 sites with no problems.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Auto mode for minify is not going to work 100% for every site because some files just cannot be modified in an automated way. You’ll want to switch to manual mode and work to tune your site that way.

    I find myself singing “It’s a pity” again 🙁 Is it really that difficult to not replace the src attribute of script tags for URLs in the exclusion list?

    The plugin already processes the source code of the page anyway, it just needs to skip those URLs based on path mask 🙁

    I’ll just disable minification until I finish the development stage (during which many modifications to source code are being made) 🙁

    Well, that auto-minification with script/style exclusions can be implemented later. Total Cache is great just the way it is anyway. Thank you by the way.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    An upcoming release will support exceptions in auto mode.

    Can someone please help me! I am trying to restrict certain files from being uploaded in the Rackspace Cloud cdn. I specify which files should and should not be uploaded to the cloud, but W3 Total Cache still uploads every file I upload in the media part of my Word Press site. Please, can someone help me…I am in a time crunch. Thank you so much!


    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Are you sure you’re disabling the respective options? WHich files are you trying to exclude?

    Dear Frederick,

    Hello and thank you so much for getting back to me. I am embarrassed. I had a problem getting back into this forum–a true novice. However, I had a person very knowledgeable with your plug in and Rackspace, who tried multiple times to excludes all files except .mp3 and .wav files. However, when I uploaded anything in the media section, all files were uploaded with several versions of images. Please help me; and thanks ahead of time.

    @frederick: Any idea when the new release is coming which will support exceptions in auto mode ?

    Dear Frederick,

    Hello. Is there any way to get help with excluding certain files as requested?



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