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  • So super weird thing happening with my WordPress site and hoping someone out there has had the same issue or can help me out. I’ve contacted our site development team to debug as well as our Managed WordPress hosting to no avail.

    My dev team found that all the JS files within /wp-admin/js folder are not loading in the admin dashboard.

    About 24 hours ago, our WordPress site has had started doing a couple things it has not done before, possibly due to this:
    – The Generate Password button is not working, meaning that we cannot create new users because it shoots back an error that a password needs to be entered.
    – When hovering over any plugin on the left sidebar, no extended menus are appearing.

    Here’s what hosting did:
    – Checked htaccess file for anything unusual
    – Tried checking on their end on any recent updates that may have occurred.

    Here’s what our developer did:
    – Disabled all plugins and reverted theme to WordPress 2021
    – Re-installed core WordPress files

    Anyone have this issue before or can be of help? I’m just lost I guess on what the issue is.

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    Found out the issue. I used the Nexcess Health Check plugin to determine it was in fact a plugin issue. I changed the name of the plugin folder to pluginss and then renamed it back to reset the folder.

    The issue was WordPress Importer Tool. When I activated it, it would disappear from the plugins menu and the issue occurred.

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