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  • mod_pagespoeed is messing up your Javascript, thats not a plugin error

    Even after turning of the mod_pagespeed, it’s replicating. So please help.
    You can check the link after clearing the cache.

    now it looks like wp-minify is messing with the script and css loading order, you should probably turn off all plugins that concat or change the order of the JS and then test so you can add the proper whitelisted files if needed.

    Previously I was using wp-minfy only for css, not for js.
    Although presently I have turned it off to solve this problem.

    Please check again. 🙂

    Found this article: Check Here

    using wp_enqueue_script() or wp_register_script() before init is wrong.

    This may be causing the issue:

    function gplus_comments_init()
      define( 'GPLUS_COMMENTS_VERSION', '1.3.0' );
      defined('GPLUS_COMMENTS_DEBUG') or define('GPLUS_COMMENTS_DEBUG', false);
      defined('GPLUS_COMMENTS_DIR') or define('GPLUS_COMMENTS_DIR', dirname(__FILE__));
      defined('GPLUS_COMMENTS_URL') or define('GPLUS_COMMENTS_URL', rtrim(plugin_dir_url(__FILE__),"/"));
      defined('GPLUS_COMMENTS_LIB') or define('GPLUS_COMMENTS_LIB', GPLUS_COMMENTS_DIR . "/lib");
      wp_register_style('gplus_comments_font', GPLUS_COMMENTS_URL . '/font/font.css', null, GPLUS_COMMENTS_VERSION, "all");
      wp_register_style('gplus_comments_tabs_css', GPLUS_COMMENTS_URL . '/styles/tabs.css', array("gplus_comments_font"), GPLUS_COMMENTS_VERSION, "screen");
      wp_register_script('gplus_comments_tabs_js', GPLUS_COMMENTS_URL . '/js/tabs.js', array('jquery-ui-tabs'), GPLUS_COMMENTS_VERSION, true);
    add_action('init', 'gplus_comments_init');

    With regard to the JS script loading, I found for my install (prior to this plugin too) that I needed to add the following line to my wp-config.php file

    define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);

    Maybe that might help you.

    I got the reason. It is happening because of old version of jquery-ui.min.js.

    Its working fine with latest version but its affecting other features on the site. It is included in theme’s files.

    Previous problem solved with some jquery tweaks but now I am facing another one:
    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Please click on this link
    2. Click on Facebook tab
    3. click on Disqus Tab
    4. click on Google + Tab

    Now you can see that Google+ tab is coming up empty .i.e there is no comment form. It is coming up in first time but not after visiting other tabs.

    please help me. 🙂

    the theme should not be loading a old jquery ui, it should be using the one bundled with wordpress. Sorry but this is a theme issue not one with the plugin please file a support request with them.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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