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    Thank you for wonderful plugin

    Seems that with the current update (0.42) I get the following JS error on all sitesin console
    On file /plugins/show-current-template/assets/js/replace.js?ver=6

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null
        at replaceFileNames (replace.js?ver=6:3)
        at replace.js?ver=6:5
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    Greetings @tai are you monitoring this?
    This is happenign to all sites on the new version.

    Hum, I can’t see the error on my environment(macSO, Firefox, Chrome).

    Could you provide more information like URL, browser?

    Same JS error here. The new update introduced it.

    Chrome, wp5.6.

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    Using with any themes or some themes only?

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    This might be on my custom themes using Boostrap only.

    @wpdani is that the case with you.

    Been watching this thread since we have the same error. Our themes are based on _s here.

    Error only shows in console when logged into management, but is sitewide on the frontend.

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    I start with _s and then add Boostrap.
    So we have a common factor here. Perhaps it is _s.
    I look on the JS files that come with _s and can’t see anything that I know can cause this.

    Looks to me like the function call to replaceFileNames() is happening ABOVE the actual UL with the ID of included-files-list in my markup. It may be best/safest across all themes to throw that function call inside of a DOM Ready check, to ensure it exists before it is accessed. I tested this on my server and it seemed to work. Just my $0.02

    function replaceFileNames() {
    	let c = document.getElementById('included-files-fie-on-wp-footer').innerHTML;
    	document.getElementById('included-files-list').innerHTML = c;
    jQuery( function() { 
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    I wonder why the JS error might only be happening on custom not commercial or WP themes? Perhaps it’s an oversite on our parts? Enquing maybe?

    I’ve tried _s theme, but I couldn’t reproduce the error…

    Though the comment of @dmchale sounds reasonable to me, so could you try the fixed one below?

    @tai thanks for the update, seems to work after I forced a hard refresh!

    To prevent possible issues with cached static files, you probably still want to update the “version” attribute on your wp_register_script() call that loads the file. Other than that, looks good on my end.

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    Thank you @dmchale !
    I don’t remember why I set the version ‘6’ ^^;

    @flexer @wpdani
    Could you try the updated version 0.4.3 and let me know the result?

    @tai just tested this on a production site, working as expected! thanks for the update (and the release props 🙂 ) Cheers

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    @tai Fantastic, works as expected. Again thank you for this useful plugin.

    Plugin Author JOTAKI, Taisuke


    Thank you @flexer for reporting the error (and the coffee!!!)!

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