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    I’m kind of freaking out. I just updated to the latest version of WP (apparently a huge mistake). I started getting the blockUI jQuery pop up error saying I have to update jQuery. I tried to download various plugins to do that and now all I see is a gray dot in the middle of my screen. Now I’m lost.


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  • I just posted this as a separate topic, but to help you out in case you missed it, here is what I found:

    I saw that many people have been having some issues with jQuery.BlockUI versions after upgrading to WordPress 3.6. So did I. Having looked into it, this is what I discovered in my setup.

    1. WordPress 3.6 uses the newer (latest) version of jQuery, which is 1.10.2.

    2. Lots of plugins use a function call jQuery.BlockUI which requires jQuery 1.2.2 or above.

    3. Now, 1.10 IS higher than 1.2, but older versions of the BlockUI code have a little bugler – the code tests for versions BUT drops the trailing ‘0’, so instead of asking is 1.10 greater than 1.2, it test is 1.1 greater than 1.2, and so it fails.

    4. This is NOT a WordPress problem – WordPress 3.6 merely uses the latest version of jQuery. Previous versions up to 1.9 would obviously pass the buggy test in jQuery.BlockUI code.

    5. The answer is NOT to downgrade jQuery in WordPress. Well – that might work, but don’t do it!

    6. The answer is to get your PLUGIN provider to update their plugin.

    7. My plugin used a file called wf-an-jqery-plugins.js. Inside that file was a chunk of jQery.BlockUI code that said it was v2.39.

    8. I went to the following link for the latest jQuery.BlockUI code (v2.64) and then just replaced the v2.39 code in that plugin file with the code form this link. Hey presto, it all works again:

    9. So, folks, find out which plugins you have that are using OLDER jQuery.Block UI code and have your plugin provider update it – and in the meantime if you understood what I wrote above, perhaps you can fix your plugin(s) yourself.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for the reply BUT my site appears to be completely down. I can’t even access the dashboard. 🙁

    Lucky you – when I look at your site I don’t even get the dot, it’s just a blank screen, so you’re getting more than me! 🙂

    Sorry – NOT helpful! OK, as plugins seem to be the CAUSE of the problem, I think you might need to manually remove a few! To do that, there are two ways:

    1. Can you reach the admin panel directly by URL? i.e. NOT by going to the homepage and clicking on a login link, as clearly you can’t do that right now. If you can enter the full URL of the login.php and it works, then try deactivating all plugins, and then re-activate them 1 by 1 until your site break – the last one you activated will be a problem one, which is the plugin you will need to fix.

    2. If you cannot access it by URL in a browser, then you will need to FTP in and remove plugins directly. I would FTP in using whatever client you prefer (I use FileZilla) and MOVE the plugins to a local drive on your PC, removing them from the server. Then, see how your site works, and hopefully it will, then start adding them back 1 by 1 until the site breaks, and again you will know which plugin needs fixing.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Kara, someone else just pointed out a known issues shown in the Master List:

    This is a different, but related issue. Not knowing your site, you need to look into it. Essentially, WP uses jQuery, and you could have problems if parts of your site, like plugins, are using their own version of jQuery. This should really be avoided! See that link above.

    Kara – the other thing I noticed is that your site might be hosted on host and right now it seems that their site is completely down! Maybe this is nothing to do with your upgrade – maybe this is to do with your hosting provider having technical issues on their servers?????

    Keep us posted.

    I just saw that too! I really need to figure out what to do to host on WP. I only know how to do a little of this website stuff. Above average but not a ton. I don’t understand the whole picture.

    If you want to contact me directly I would be happy to try to help with advice and guidance based on my own experiences. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.
    If you want you can eMail me directly [email address moderated – these forums do not provide support via email]

    Chris Thomas


    I also received this message after downloading the latest version of wordpress and I have no access to my website control panel:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_format_slugs() in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage23/ox/an/ad/ on line 1262

    I can get in via FTP but have no idea what to do?

    Please help.

    Chris, that seems like a completely different error. Did you get the jQuery version error?
    Can you post your website link?

    Chris, I just founb your other post, and someone called saas has answered it. The functionality used by your Theme has been removed from WP3.6. Downgrade to 3.5 or update your Theme!

    Holy crap. Why would I ever update WP ever again? What a nightmare!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    So that you don’t get hacked by security flaws that were fixed in updates – @chipsonfire try not to recommend people downgrade because of this.



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    Where did you download this theme from?

    ChipsOnFire—I emailed you

    My theme? I used Catalyst and I think I had the Dynamik theme.

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