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  • I have no clue what happened actually. I fiddling around with my css documents when suddenly all the plugins that require jquery stopped working properly. I looked in my functions doc to see if I had accidentally deleted something. It looked the same. I don’t understand why. It’s driving me mad. If anyone has had the same problem happen to them, I would love to know how to fix it. Thanks you.

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    This is the site, by the way. You’ll see right away, the slider doesn’t look right

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    It’s very doubtful any can help with specific issues, as we don’t know what you did. But try basic troubleshooting: use the developer tools in Firefox (or Firebug) or Chrome or Safari or IE to check for Javascript and other console errors. You have one 404 for a style sheet right now.


    Thanks for the reply.

    The thing is, I didn’t change anything. And even if its an issue with the style sheet, it should affect the slider, or the parallax plugin, or the lightbox plug in I installed. None of it works. It was working just fine last night.

    *shouldn’t affect

    This happens to several sites since the WordPress 4.5 update. What version of WordPress are you using? If you are using WordPress 4.5 – then sorry to say, your stuck. Like me and MANY MANY others. 🙁

    I am using 4.5 and that is actually a relief to hear. I’ve been reviewing all my code seeing what I did wrong and couldn’t come up with anything and I was hoping it was something on the other end.

    I guess now I just hope WordPress resolves the problem…real soon.

    Or, if you are using a theme, reach out to the Theme Developers to get an update. That seems to be fixing the issue for many.

    I wouldn’t count on WordPress fixing the issue.

    Also, make sre you have shut off your automatic WordPress updates, so you don’t run into the issue again.

    Yes, read that thread. My theme is having more issues than what is mentioned in that thread.

    I have about had it with these poorly planned updates.

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    @rcards: you’re interrupting other users’ threads with your rants. If you have a specific issue with your site, open your own thread with your details.

    @takingbackmike: read to see that many commercial themes and plugins need updates due to the new jQuery. WP 4.5 was in beta for 2 months; jQuery 1.12 was released 3 months ago.

    @rcards: you don’t need to be rude like that.

    My answer was mentioned for the TS takingbackmike.

    @staartmees Sorry you interpreted that as rude. It wasn’t meant to be rude at all.

    Thank you everyone for all your advice and tips. I’m doing what I can with all this info. It seems to be a very frustrating time for a lot of people.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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