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    Let me first start off with this – the blog that this problem is occurring on is not my own; I simply have access to write and edit on it. The owner of the site has been doing some major tinkering from the looks of it and we’ve recently changed from a to a .org if I’m not mistaken. The version we’re on is 2.6.3.

    If you all are unable to speak to me about the problem, I can direct the owner of the site here; I just figured I’d ask a question to move things along.

    The problem I’m having is every time I go to write a new post or return to a “new post” window after publishing. The entire browser window freezes for about a minute and a pop-up tells me “Warning: Unresponsive Script”. Here’s a screencap of the problem:

    I assume it is also causing a problem for me when I attempt to access the “Write new post” page on IE. The past few days I’d get an error pop-up telling me something along the lines of the above pop-up and would redirect me to a “page not found” error page. Now, it simply freezes the entire browser and I can’t close it without starting the task manager. I’m accessing it via Firefox.

    I have no idea what the script pertains to. If I could get a solution or pointed in the right direction, I’d GREATLY appreciate it.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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