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  • Hello. on my site: … i can not get jQuery to work at all. i dont know if im over looking something or something. but i am having the ABSOLUTE hardest time. ive found alot of solutions on this message board for many many problems. but ive tried everything i can find. Nothing has worked.
    i should state that i have the lowest understanding of how jquery works. However…
    tried the wp-config.php solution. both of them. nothing.
    tried to reinstall. nothing.
    tried using the latest version of jquery. nothing.
    tired no conflict. nothing.

    its like its not there. i got an error though. i took out the tabs.js at the bottom of the page. only thing that did, was stop the errors.

    its like there is no jQuery even being called on the whole entire page.

    the admin jQuery works just fine. but anything other than that? nope.

    this is driving me crazy.

    if anybody has any idea why this isnt working. id appreciate it.

    thanks all.

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