• Unsure if this is intentional or not with the new update, but since both scripts are being registered rather than enqueue’d jquery migrate is not being loaded. Themes/plugins that require it are still only going to call jquery as a dependency, so jquery migrate will never be loaded.

    That requires me to enqueue jquery migrate myself, which sort of defeats the entire purpose of this plugin imo. The reason I’ve used it for so many years vs enqueue’ing the scripts myself was the set it and forget nature of the plugin.

    Adding a settings page to enable or disable jquery migrate would be an acceptable middle ground imo, leaving it enabled by default since not doing so would break a number of sites.

    OR at the very least, mentioning that if you have plugins or themes that require jquery migrate to enqueue the script with a code snippet to place in the functions.php.

    I’ve rolled back to the previous version because of this and am considering ditching the plugin completely as I’m not too thrilled with current, and in my case, site breaking change.

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  • That’s why my site was broken after installing the newest version. I had to find an old version of the plugin to rollback too. Please developer, fix this.

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    I’m curious to why the developer is ignoring this, it’s far from a trivial issue and not exactly inspiring confidence going forward.

    Luckily I caught it right away on my site and fixed it. I imagine there’s quite a few people who were not as fortunate, wasting time chasing down js errors only to find it’s a plugin that’s worked flawlessly for years is no longer working as expected.

    It’s a simple fix. What’s the hold up?

    I had just realized that migrate wasn’t being included in the newest version, and had come here to post this.

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