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  • Dear support team,

    with jQuery Migrate Helper, I receive the following warning/error message:

    jQuery.fn.toggle(handler, handler…) is deprecated (/wp-content/plugins/file-manager-advanced/application/library/js/elfinder-ui.min.js).

    I am sure it will be necessary to correct this at the soonest.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards


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    Hi support team,

    thanks again for this great plugin!

    However, after all, I found the following additional deprecated messages with jQuery Migrate Helper:

    1. jQuery.expr.filters is deprecated; use jQuery.expr.pseudos (/wp-content/plugins/file-manager-advanced/application/library/js/elfinder-ui.min.js)

    2. jQuery.isArray is deprecated; use Array.isArray (/wp-content/plugins/file-manager-advanced/application/library/js/elfinder-ui.min.js)

    3. jQuery.isFunction() is deprecated (/wp-content/plugins/file-manager-advanced/application/library/js/elfinder-ui.min.js)

    4. jQuery.expr[\’:\’] is deprecated; use jQuery.expr.pseudos (/wp-content/plugins/file-manager-advanced/application/library/js/elfinder-ui.min.js)

    5. jQuery.browser is deprecated (/wp-content/plugins/file-manager-advanced/application/library/js/elfinder.full.js)

    Do you plan to correct these in one of your next updates?

    Thanks a lot

    Best regards


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