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    I have installed several different slideshow plugins but they do not work. I had WP Cycle insatlled and it worked up until a day or two ago but I cannot get anything to work. Here’s the homepage The slideshow is where the large image is above the posts – this is the JQuery Featured Content Gallery plugin – doesn’t work either – should be about 15 slides. Can anyone give me an idea what is wrong? The site is ready to go live except for this issue. Do I need to load the JQuery library somewhere on my server? I do not get any javascript erors

    PS- I recently moved my wordpress install to the root? Is that a possible reason for the issue?


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  • I have uninsalled/ reinstalled the plugins yet nothing works. Could a css style be causing this??

    Has anyone used a slideshow plugin that works well? All I ned is something that shows slides – no nav, thumbnaisl, etc

    you’re first loading jquery 1.3.2 and a few lines later jquery 1.4.2
    remove the first


    I can’t see the scripts for your jquery plugin

    that’s were my confusion is I guess. I loaded a plugin – wouldn’t the scripts load automatically? If not, I guess my questions is – is what do I need to load to get these working?

    no, they will not load automatically

    you have to add scripts in the same way you added the jquery core script itself

    How do I make sure that I have all the appropriate files? In the plugin file for the jquery featured content has this “jfcscript.js” in its folder – I assumed that was all that was needed. How do I determine what I’m missing to run the plugin?

    Thanks for the help

    read the documentation on the jquery plugin

    Did that:

    1. Upload the JFC folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

    1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    1. Place <?php do_action('jfc_gallery'); ?> in your templates or insert the shortcode [jfctag] in any page or post

    hold on, is it a jquery plugin or a wordpress plugin
    show link to plugin homepage please

    I got thislink using search in the dashboard

    plugin works fine for me

    try reinstalling the plugin
    go to your dashboard, plugin, deactivate and remove
    then choose add plugin, enter this ‘JQuery Featured Content Gallery’ in search box, click install, click activate

    if this doesn’t work,
    check your footer.php file to see if it has the wp_footer(); hook just above the closing body tag

    not sure what else could be causing problem…

    You nailed it – missing the wp_footer() function. I didn’t even notice it was missing until you mentioned it.
    Thanks for ALL your help and sticking with it.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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