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  • Hi Guys

    Just wondering if I could pick the communitys’ brains or enlist your help with a little project I am doing. I am trying to hook up a holding page with an interactive logo using jquery or alternative.

    Basically the idea is that I have a logo. it contains 3 squares of differing colour, the title and below the title/company name is 3 words in smaller text but each matching one of the colours from the 3 squares. Now the idea is to have these 3 words invisible but to appear when the cursor hovers over and clicks on the corresponding coloured square. Each square also must hyperlink out.

    I apologise for my lack of knowledge in this area but since html and css are all i have required up until now and where needed, there have always been jquery sliders or addons i could use in site. Now i have been asked to do this by a mate as a rush job and i am not sure how to go about this or if you know of any products, services, themes or plugins that could hook something like this up quickly at short notice?

    Can reimburse or get some SEO work done for you, gratis, should you be able to help/point me in the right direction.

    Hope to hear from you guys

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