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    Hi … I am using the Mantra theme. Unfortunately, I do not write code. Just know enough not to mess things up by experimenting. Thus, I contacted the Mantra dev people to ask for the lines of code for the static header so that I could delete it and add your snippet. They responded by creating a child theme. I then uploaded the .oam file, and it works for the most part.

    Where the problem lies now is that when loading Mantra’s presentation page, the header usually doesn’t load, but their slider on that same page does. Upon a refresh, the header will load, but their slider won’t. After navigating around my site, the problem usually clears up. upon a restart of the computer, the problem emerges. i can’t have this problem crop up for a visitor on their first landing on our presentation page.

    Here is Mantra’s suggestion to this problem: “We eventually found a workaround to that issue, but it involves replacing WordPress’ built-in jQuery with Edge Suite’s jQuery (which could make other plugins dependent on jQuery, especially image galleries, fail at some point in the future when this jQuery will become old) and some editing to the Edge Suite plugin itself (which will make it un-updatable). “

    At this point, I’d like to start at the beginning and see if you can list the static header code that I should delete. My site is

    If you have any other suggestions, fire away. Thx

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    Did you check the other issues about jQuery conflicts? Did you activate the jquery no-conflict mode in the settings. Is there a link to what the Mantra guys suggested to do?

    The placement of the stage within the header looks good as far as I can tell though. Don’t think that’s the problem. Animation works for me in Chrome all the time. Please try the no conflict mode as suggested in the FAQ of the plugin.

    Yes, the no conflict box is and has been checked. That was one poss solution Mantra suggested. I can send you a copy of my back-and-forth with them, but it’s too lengthy for this forum. Can I email or upload that to you somehow?

    The problem is intermittent on the iPhone iOS. Already had updated Internet Exp 10 and the latest Firefox … these are problematic. Did not check Chrome though.

    Thing is, it’ll work after navigating to other pages and then back to the presentation page … but reboot the system or do a restart, and the problem is there again on the pres page..

    Would your original cut-and-paste directions be the ticket, so to speak? (And I would deactivate the currently-active child theme first.). If that’s possible, I’d like to try that, but I need to know which lines in the header.php to cut. Thx

    In Google Chrome, refresh 3 or 4 times, and the slider stops working.

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    can you activate the debugging mode in the edge suite settings. This will activate some logging for the jquery conflict mode to check what’s happening.

    You can sent additional info from mantra to

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Hi, thanks for the mail with the correspondance. To make a couple of things clear:

    1) It’s not my choice to include a custom version of jquery, Edge Animate is build on it. The problem lies a bit within jQuery, different versions and backwards compatibility, and plugins extending the jQuery object (which is the main problem).

    2) The whole issue is about the timing, the slider tries to fire right in between swapping the jquery version. nivoslider is using jQuery(window).load() to fire, I’m not sure if there is a specific reason for that. I swapped it with the more common jQuery(document).ready() and then the problem disappears. I’ll write them and ask them.

    3) The more brutal approach would be to swap Edges jQuery for the newer wordpress (or whatever custom version one is using). I gave it a test run and that would work as well. Need to comment the UI a bit, then I could commit that into the dev version of the plugin. But first I’ll talk to the mantra guys.

    Thanks again for your speedy reply. You and the Mantra people have been phenomenal in working on this.

    I’m hoping that your #2 comment is the simplest & most effective solution. I’ll wait to hear what you both come up with.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Well, if you want, just give it a try. You work in a child theme so it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Open theme-frontpage.php in your child theme main folder and check line 25:

    Replace jQuery(window).load with jQuery(document).ready

    Works for me.

    Yes, that works! Problem solved. THX!!!

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    Great, marking this as resolved.

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