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  • Dear all,

    If you go to my website
    You will see that the video links is not working,also I can not install properly smooth slider so I deleted it.
    I think that all my problem come from JQUERY that I have in double.
    Here a part of the answer that I have on Tubepress forum

    “You’re loading two copies of jQuery, and one of them is too old to work with TubePress. The solution would be to get it down to a single load of jQuery 1.6 or higher.”

    But I still don’t know where are the two copies of jQuery? I am not good for code so please can you tell me where I can find jQuery on my website?

    I would love to install a slider on my homepage and have my tubepress working properly.

    Thank you

    Thank you

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  • I beleive the plugin assigns the jQuery and it’s version, but it may not be the only way. Does smooth slider allow you to select the jQuery version?

    You might try disabling other plugins that use jQuery, or perhaps access their settings which may allow you to select a jQuery version which is different than that used by smooth slider.

    Hello deepblevel;

    I delleted smoothslider. I try before other slider but they did not work also. I try to install other plugin but it change nothing.

    Do you know where are located Jquery? is possible to see it with the code source?
    Where do I find jquery?

    Thank you a lot to help me

    Looking at the head section of your site, I found that Mingle is also loading its own version of jQuery.

    Thank you domino but unfortunetly it doesn t work?? Is it possible to have two time jquerry? What should I do because I would also like to install a sldeshow but I need jquery too?

    Thank you

    If Mingle is loading jQuery in the header you might try the slideshow jQuery in the footer. Or try to get each to use a different version, 1.6.1 and 1.4.4.

    if it calls anything older than 1.6 it’s not compat with 3.3.

    Thank you deppblevel and swansonphotos.

    My problem is that I am not good for code. If you go here and if you click on the video links they are not working, I think it is also because of Jquery. Then if I try to install any slider on my homepage such as smooth slider they appear on the homepage but they are not working, also I think it is because of Jquery.

    I have a plugin call vikispot on my home page which is using jquery but I can not deleted because I need it on my home page.

    So if somebody know how to fix this problem to use a smoothslider and tubepress video plugins on my wordpress Thesis it will be great because I did not find any answers. I need an expert.

    Thank you all,


    ps: if you have some comments on my website I will love to know it.

    No answers?

    What have you tried so far? You haven’t confirmed trying anythng specific I suggested to fix it.

    I deleted Mingle and other plugin which using jQuery but it still doesn t work.I don’t know where I can find jqery. I pretty sure that I have two jquery in conflict but I don’t know which code should I add in my wordpress Thesis to made them work together.

    I want also a smooth slider or other in the header of my page to show the last new with picure but jquery block everything. I am not good for code as you can see and I need pro such as you to help me.

    My page

    Thank you to take time for me I really appreciate. I am french and I live in NY if you are in this city.

    Ok thank you by the way

    I’m not a pro, in fact I know very little about this except to disable all plugins, or use different versions of jQuerym or change where it loads from (both of which I don’t know how to do unless there’s admin settings for it). if you do that, and smooth slider still won’t work there’s a problem with the plugin or the theme.
    You might try another slider, in fact if that’s all you want, try the Custom Community theme, it comes with a working recent posts slider and has many customization options from the admin settings.

    Thesis Theme is one of the most used theme for wordpress, also I try all the possible sliders and I they all have a conflict with jquery. So the only solution as also need some plugin such as vikyspot is to find a code to make it working together with different jquery. I am lost I need to know how. Thank you by the way

    I might be able to help more if I knew the symptoms, in what way is it not working? You might want to provide more details then perhaps a more knowledgable support person will help.


    What does not work;

    – Smooth slider when is installed, I can see the picture but the automatic slide to othe pictures do not work. (probably because of JQuery).
    for information Vikispot that I use here for automatic videos and news use JQuery but I want to keep it on my homepage.
    – Tubepress that use here don’t work properly, if you click on the videos links is not working. Someone told me that it is because of conflict between two different versions of JQuery.

    So I know the problem but I don’t know how to solve it. How to use different plug in with different Jquery or how to use all of them with one JQuery with wordpress Thesis theme?? Should I ass a code? What should I do?

    Thank you for your support

    check this out, it’s fairly recent (march 2011)

    A bit over my head though.. could take me a while to understand how to impliment.

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