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    Hello, I use Colorbox since a few month and with the 3.4.2 Version of WP everything worked fine for me.

    But after updating WP to 3.5 the plugin don’t set the “cboxElement” class to the -Tags in a new gallery.

    <dt class="gallery-icon">
    <a class="cboxElement" href="h......</a>

    In the <img>-Tag the class “colorbox-xxx” is already set. This means, if I click on a gallery thumbnail, it don’t open the colorbox. Instead the image shows on a new WP site and if I then click on that image, colorbox opens.

    Any help?

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  • Yeap, broken.
    Wait when author update plugin.

    Plugin Contributor techotronic



    what else have you updated along with WordPress?
    Your theme? Other Plugins?

    I don’t want to sound condescending, but problems come almost always from changed Themes or other Plugins interfering with the JavaScript that my plugin includes.

    I run multiple WordPress sites with WordPress 3.5.x and my own plugins and never had a problem.

    A link to the site would help.



    I’ve updated nothing than WordPress. The other PlugIn I use is WPCycle.

    The site is

    Maybe it’s because I updated to 3.5.1?


    I have made a test now, installing a complete fresh WP 3.5.1 on my localhost and only the colorbox Plugin. Testing the twenty eleven and twenty twelve theme and it didn’t work.

    <div id="gallery-1" class="gallery galleryid-7 gallery-columns-3 gallery-size-thumbnail"><dl class="gallery-item">
    			<dt class="gallery-icon">
    				<a href="http://localhost/fotocouch/?attachment_id=5" title="Desert"><img src="http://localhost/fotocouch/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Desert-150x150.jpg" class="attachment-thumbnail colorbox-7 " alt="Desert" height="150" width="150"></a>
    			</dt></dl><dl class="gallery-item">
    			<dt class="gallery-icon">
    				<a href="http://localhost/fotocouch/?attachment_id=4" title="Chrysanthemum"><img src="http://localhost/fotocouch/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Chrysanthemum-150x150.jpg" class="attachment-thumbnail colorbox-7 " alt="Chrysanthemum" height="150" width="150"></a>
    			<br style="clear: both;">

    It’s no “cboxElement” class in the a-Tags.

    Plugin Contributor techotronic


    Works for me:


    Maybe a browser issue?


    I have it running on two sites, same server, different themes. Both worked prior to WP 3.5.1. After the update, one worked, one didn’t. Selecting “Use jQuery library version 1.9.0 from Google instead of the one that comes with WordPress” fixed the broken one.



    Yes I know it works. But the gag is, only with older galleries created with WP 3.4.2. All the older galleries working with WP 3.5.1. But if I create a new gallery the tags won’t be set. I don’t know why.

    Now I have installes a absolute clean WP 3.5.1 on

    You can login with “admin” “passphrase”. Only the colorbox Plugin is activated. And it don’t work.

    Plugin Contributor techotronic


    the problem is that the galleries do not link from the thumbnail to the large image, but to the attachment page.
    You can set that in the gallery settings. (“link to media file” instead of “link to attachment page”)

    This page links to the attachment page
    While this page links to the image files, and the plugin works.



    Yes man, that was the right hint. And now I can reproduce a bug in WordPress. If I create a new gallery, the link to the file is already set. And it don’t work.

    You have to change the gallery settings to “link to page”, save it. Then you have to go back, set the link to file, save and then it works.

    This seems to be a bug in WP.

    Thank’s Arne

    I have the same problem after updating to 3.5.
    Cannot link to media files

    You can manually insert this:
    link = “file”
    in your gallery.

    Gallery appears again 🙂

    Andrei G


    Indeed, this seems to be a WordPress bug, I had the same issue.

    The fix is as follows:

    – Open the Edit Gallery screen, to edit the gallery.
    – On the right, under Gallery Settings, you may see Link To Media file, but that doesn’t actually take effect.
    – Simply click the dropdown and select Attachment Page, then click again and reselect Media File. This will force adding the necessary tag in the shortcode.
    – Click Update Gallery and that should do it.

    What this basically does is that it add link=”file” in the gallery shortcode (which is missing by default although it should be there by default).

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