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  • Hi,
    I am developing a plugin and have a quick question…I first developed my plugin as an individual ‘webpage’ and am now integrating (wrapping) it into a WP plugin. It all functioned correctly before WP and almost functions correctly now but I have run into an interesting issue. Anyways, to my question…is there some sort of issue in using a jQuery .post() function from within the WP sidebar? I am trying to do this type of thing…"php/draw_calendar.php", {month: currentMonth, year: currentYear - 2000, days: daysInMonth}, function(data){
      			jQuery( "#eventDialog" ).dialog({ autoOpen: false, resizable: false, width: 300, minHeight: 200 });
    			jQuery( "#eventDialog" ).bind( "dialogopen", function(event, ui) {});

    Everything in the jQuery works fine except that it seems that the data returned from the file is never added to the HTML. Any guidance here would be outstanding!


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  • Anyone have any experience with this?

    I have verified that everything works except for this one line. It looks like it is just ‘skipped’ on execution of my javascript.

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