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    After updating to wordpress 3.6, Comprehensive Google maps stopped working. I have verified on another site that the plugin works properly before the 3.6 update but stops working after. Please help!!!!

    I get the error message below:

    “ATTENTION! (by Comprehensive Google Map Plugin)

    Your blog/site theme or one of your plugins uses jQuery javascript library which is older than the version 1.3.0.
    The Comprehensive Google Map plugin will not work with such outdated jQuery version.

    The minimum jQuery requirement for Comprehensive Google Map plugin is version 1.3.0. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

    Please help!!!

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  • Having the same problem. I updated other plugins and verified site was working before I did the WordPress update and this plugin worked just fine. Something in the WordPress update messed up the map on my website. Pls help. Thx

    Changing the version worked for me, wonder when an update will be released for such a popular plugin…

    Thanks to everyone who worked up fixes for this issue, yet again my bacon has been saved by this great community.

    This is an important lesson for any would-be plugin developers.

    DO NOT try to monkey patch data into a format for which it not suited.

    The current (as of this post) version of jQuery is 1.10.2

    The author of this plugin thought he would be slick and convert it to a float to do comparison. “1.10.2” is NOT a float; it is a string.

    A better way to do it is

    var $foo = $.fn.jquery.split('.');

    Then $foo is an array of ["1", "10", "2"]; this can be compared easily to the required minimum version.

    Thanks costalog.. your suggestion worked for me on all counts

    Solved… here too… still a bit depressing we have to fix this ourselves. With 325.000+ downloads, it would have been nice for Alexander to fix this instead of just presenting all with this surprise

    I was getting a blank grey box but after reading this thread and using the jquery updater it is now working with no problems. Aside from that glitch this is a great plugin that contained all of the features that I was looking for. Thanks!

    coastlog = legend

    thanks coastlog

    @toringamerica, your cgmp.framework.min.js file still looks messed up to me, but it looks different enough from mine that I am unsure what to do other than replace the whole thing.

    Feel free to grab to replace

    Then keep checking this thread, because the plugin author needs to fix this in a more thorough way. This is just a hack.

    A lot to go through here…

    So, jquery updater has issues for me. None of the lightbox plugs I use work once I use this plugin to fix the problem. I would much prefer to just fix the offending google map plugin. Can someone consolidate all of this into 1 easy, final instruction?

    And I cannot believe that this STILL is not updated in the friggin google map plugin as an update!!!

    Sure is mauricen
    I also had issues with jQuery Updater in that it fixed this problem but was breaking my Fancybox image galleries. I had to disable it which is how I ended up here.
    I followed the instructions editing the js files and the changes only took effect after I deactivated and reactivated this plugin.
    So far so good….

    1. Deactivate Comprehensive Google Map Plugin.
    2. Go to and install it.
    3. Activate JQuery Updater.
    4. Reactivate Comprehensive Google Map Plugin.


    FYI, the jQuery Updater plugin updates jQuery to version 2, which drops support for IE6-8. If you have to support any of those browsers (IE8), then avoid that “solution.”

    Instead refer to salubrio’s solution above… or just disable/remove the version check all together.


    Is the plugin author going to include a fix in a future release?


Viewing 15 replies - 76 through 90 (of 91 total)
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