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  1. wandererm
    Posted 8 years ago #

    *.jpg can be uploaded and generate thumbnail file normally,

    but *.JPG only be uploaded without generating thumbnail file.

    So is it a bug?

    Or I have to modify it by myself?

    P.S. English is no my mother tongue, sorry for my poor English.

  2. No, WordPress is doing a case insensitive match for jpg when checking types. It will recognize either jpg or JPG and generate thumbnails for it.

    There's other things that can stop thumbnail generation though:
    - There's a maximum size limit. If the image is greater than 3 megapixels, it will not try to generate a thumbnail (due to normal PHP memory constraints on most hosts).
    - If PHP does not have the proper image handling libraries loaded/installed for that image type, it won't try to generate a thumbnail.
    - If the image libraries don't recognize the file as a properly made image (regardless of the extension), then it won't try to generate a thumbnail for it.

  3. wandererm
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thanks for your explanation in detail.

    The problem is resulted by maximum size limit.

    Thanks again. :)

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