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  • Today I noticed that jpg images on a site that I manage for a friend are blurry, like they are over compressed. I tried uploading a new image from my computer and it turned out the same. I uploaded a png version of the same file and it works – crisp and clear.

    Most of the original files are png, some are jpg, but I convert them to jpg for smaller file size and quicker page load. I save the files at the size that they will appear on the website – 150×150 for thumbnail images, 1000 wide for the header – then compress to 80%. They are perfect on my computer, but blurry once uploaded.

    This is a new phenomenon. I am quite picky about such things and remember uploading and using some of the same jpg files in the past and they were perfect. I even notice that the banner is degraded as compared to the original and the thumbnails for older posts, which were fine when originally uploaded, are now blurry.

    I would consider the possibility of a plugin conflict, or upgrade issue, but I manage another site using the same theme and plugins and the same jpg file uploads and displays just fine on that site. Also the banner on that site (also a jpg) is crisp and clear. Apparently a setting has changed on the one site, but where?

    Here is the 150×150 image on the site where it is blurry –

    Here is the same file on the other site where it is good –

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • Those images look identical to me. If you are uploading these images at the size that they are going to be used, then WordPress will not be touching them.

    Oh my, then could it be something else in my computer? I just opened both images in Firefox and Chrome and the one on the castlereport site is still blurry and the one on the cynthiadavis site is perfect.

    I also went back and found some episodes in August when we were using jpg thumbnails and they are all blurry now, like this one – – while the recent episodes using png files are good, like this one –

    And the banner on the castlereport site is a little blurry, like when a jpg is over compressed. These are things that bug me, so I would have noticed if it was that way in the past. So now I’m questioning if there could be some matter of caching for a particular website? but I’ve cleared the Firefox cache a couple times already today… ?

    I seriously doubt that it’s a caching issue. Beyond that. All I can say is that both images look identical in terms of sharpness to me using Firefox 26. Perhaps the issue is within your browser or computer?

    Ah ha, it was my ISP that was doing it to me. I’m using a Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go USB device to connect to the internet. I ran across some inform late last night that they are using caching and compression (on compressible items like jpg files) to save on bandwidth. As the night wore on and I kept searching for answers last night, I started to notice that even graphics on the one site that I manage that were good earlier in the day were now bad. Finally, I started to notice graphics on other sites getting bad, especially the user icons like here on this site. When I found the info about my ISP caching and crunching, it started to make sense that the sites I was visiting the most were starting to get cached and crunched. I’m outside a local library that has wifi right now and when I connect to the web though them, all my graphics are perfect once again. Hopefully someone else will find this post and save themselves the 6 or 8 hours I spent trying to fix my graphics when the problem was my ISP.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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