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    I read that wordpress automatically sets compression to 90 on uploaded images. IS this not very high.

    I can set a loweer compression in lightroom as I edit the images but will this not counter productive if wordpress saves them at a higher compresion later.

    Is this “JPG Image Quality” plugin worth using on a site for performance purposes.

    Given that some slideshows have fullscreen option and more and more users have high res graphics and screens what pixel size should I be uploading.

    Finally from a compositional point of view I might prefer to crop my images to various aspect ratios in Lightroom but for certain slideshos on the web having a consistent Frame shape is better. CAn this be controled wordpress side. In otherwords on the server can you crop out several versions of a file or most that be done external to wordpress.



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    i have some 640×360 images here & they’re not getting any filesize or quality modification, what i upload is what i get (thumbnails get generated by WP & have whatever compression WP uses)

    WP has 3 thumbnail sizes you can use & have an aspect for them that’s different from your large image

    depending on how few images you have, you can avoid any plugins & just use custom fields of posts + slight php modification of the theme so you have complete control of every image size & quality straight out of lightroom/photoshop/etc

    as for fullscreen slideshows, that depends on what you’re going for & if you want to scale up images (making them blurrier) for people with giant monitors

    here are some common resolutions & sizes
    1024×768 – 4:3 ~17″
    1280×800 – 16:10 ~usually various laptops
    1440×900 – 16:10 ~19″
    1680×1050 – 16:10 ~22″
    1920×1080 – 16:9 ~24″
    2048×1536 – 4:3 ~26-28″?
    2560×1440 – 16:9 ~27-30″?
    2560×1600 – 16:10 ~30″?

    people past 24″ are probably already used to sites designed for 24 & under screens

    most site design (or at least the important content, not backgrounds) stays within the limits of ~1,000px (leaves room for scrollbar), so you could just use that as the max width & leave the slideshow as a lightbox, or fullscreen larger images & small monitor people will just have them scaled down

    do note that the larger the things on the page are, the more processing power is used (browsers are fairly inefficient), & of course if you have some 2,500px images, the filesize will be high

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