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  • After the CSS-Reboot Spring 2006 I finally redesigned my Photolog in the style of my Journal. Using Folderblog for my Photolog more than a year, I switched to WordPress now, added some AJAX and Effects.

    Jowra Photographs

    There are still some enhencements to come, but I’m happy with the result so far and I’ve managed even to keep the URL-Structure of my old Photolog.

    If you encounter any problems, errors or have some tips for me… please write it down. 😉

    And would it make sense to release this theme?



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  • “And would it make sense to release this theme?”

    Are you kidding? This is a gorgeous theme.
    By all means, do release it, I’d love to use it. One question, is there a way to use tags for the photos in its current incarnation?

    Oh, yes, John! I’m still using and loving Relaxation, and your photolog setup is wonderful…. please do release it!

    Thank you. 🙂

    There are still some issues to work on, before it is “solid” enough to be released. The AJAX-comments are working, but if new comments are added, the enclosing DIVs did not update its height automatically.

    romamor, not using any plugins so far, I will add Tag support via Jeromes Keywords, since the Ultimate Tag Warrior is an overblown code monster, imho. 😉

    how did you get the exif data there?

    I wondered about Categories for the photos? But I see someone else already asked about Tags, I guess that is the same purpose. Example, all pictues of Flowers, or all Blue pictures.

    mindfeck, getting the exif data is coded by hand, simply via the exif-read-data() function. it may help to have a look at the exif code of folderblog. but since I’ve put the code into an include file, I could email it to you if you like.

    dgold, categories are no problem, just like in “normal” wp-themes. you may add a list_categories() or something similar. But I think using Tags is smarter, cause it may be bothering to add new categories for new keywords all the time. 😉

    Thanks for the hint about Tags (or, Keywords). I can see how that would be useful.

    What a beautiful theme. PLEASE post it. I’ve been looking got a theme that includes photos in a sexy way for ages!

    “What a beautiful theme. PLEASE post it. I’ve been looking got a theme that includes photos in a sexy way for ages!”

    Same here, im trying to do the same for ages… this hould be a sweet realease.. 🙂


    I’m just fiddling around with some things and added support for tags:

    here is a tag overview

    Works fine so far. I’m trying to release this as a theme in the near future, but since first of all it was design for my personal photoblog, it will take some time to put it in a more general layout for using it as a wordpress theme.

    For instance: I’ve modified some WP core files (thumbnailing and such…) and that isn’t practicable for users that just want to copy the theme in theme folder and start blogging. 😉

    How come I can read the comments while the photo is loading but then once the photo is up the comments are gone?

    The comments aren’t gone, they just collapsed. You can “open” it with a click of the “comments” link right under the image.

    The collapsing should take place immediately, so if you are seeing it some seconds or so… you have an older computer or not so fast Browser?

    Edit: I’ve set the initial height of the comment area to 1px now, that should eliminate the effect.

    Yeah that was on my Win98 oldster. I have a fast DSL connection but the computer is slow. It was probably only a second or two but long enough for me to see them.

    Oh, your blog is so beautiful! It seems both totally Western and totally Japanese at the same time.

    Perhaps the theme/blog is not as simple as it seems, with added Ajax. I did leave a comment, and noticed the way in which you had a built-in comment spam detector.

    I will bookmark this blog as a way to rest my eyes after blogging my own text-heavy blog all night; as a daily (or hourly) fix of elegance; as a visual expression approaching the elegance of a mathematical proof; as any way to escape obsession with the very very different topic of my blog!.

    and it is featured in the wordpress gallery at

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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